Sunday, August 9, 2015

Incentive Charts...Making Procedures Stick!

Teaching classroom procedures to over 20 children may seem nearly impossible during the first week of school.  One way to help your students (and yourself) stay motivated are to use incentive charts in your classroom!

Incentive charts are inexpensive, adorable and easy to implement in most classrooms...sounds pretty perfect doesn't it???  They can easily be taped inside a student's cubby for them to add to as they make good choices in the classroom.  

When your students are learning procedures in the classroom it helps to reward them continuously and incentive charts make that easy for YOU!  Whether you give stickers or use stamps you can let a student know you are proud of the choice they made by giving them a little token of appreciation that can lead to a bigger prize down the road.  

The great thing about incentive charts is that after a day in, you won't even have to say anything!  You see a child putting their materials in the correct spot once their work is complete...just hand them a sticker...DONE!!! They know exactly what they did and exactly where they need to place the sticker.  And, most other students will see what is going on and follow that student's example. 

You can grab these incentive charts from my TpT store for FREE to help get your school year started off right!  I hope you are able keep your students motivated as you teach them your classroom rules and procedures! 

Enjoy and happy teaching!


  1. Elisa,
    What a great post! Your photos are gorgeous and your freebie is amazing! I'm excited to share it with my followers!

    1. Thanks, Kristen! I am so glad you like them!

  2. Amazing!! These look so much funner than the ones I have..... thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Thanks so much Elissa! I will be using these with my son at home.
    Sharing your post on my fb page too!!
    Elyse :)

  4. These are great! Thanks so much for sharing!