Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to Set Up a Class Instagram that students are in charge of: Part 2

Have you wanted to be better about keeping parents in the loop but weren't sure of the easiest way?  Let me tell you that I've solved this dilemma-Instagram to the rescue.  Think about it, we love Instagram and learn so much from other teachers with it, don't you think parents can get the same out of it?  I blogged about the benefits of a class Instagram a few months ago.  

If I can give you one tip, have students be in charge of posting about their student learning.  Talk about student ownership...and very little work for you.  As teachers, we need to make things easier for us!  
Now, I'd love to share a video tutorial on creating an account, getting parent buy-in, teaching your kiddos how to run it, an adorable Instagram bulletin board and more!


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