Saturday, August 15, 2015

How to Handle Back to School Stress

Hi It's Karen and Kelly from Kennedy's Korner.  

Summer is winding down and YES it is the time of  year when teachers are very stressed.  Unless you are a teacher, you really don’t understand.   Just the other night I saw my good friend for dinner. My good friend retired last year after teaching for 36 years.  Let me tell you, she LOOKS amazing!! She is glowing, she lost weight, she is smiling ear to ear.. Yes – she is definitely retired.  I complimented her on how great she looked.. and we chatted about HOW every August when we would see each other we would always be so stressed about school starting.  SO we compiled a list of TIPS that we thought would be helpful to share with teachers who are heading back to school soon.  Aside from retiring, there is little we can do about the pressures the state and our district puts on us at times, but I think these tips might come in handy this year.  

If YOU are stressed beyond your tipping point you  need to take action.   The important thing to remember is that you are not alone.  Every teacher, no matter how calm, cool and collected they seem to be.. EVERY teacher gets stressed out.  Some just handle stress better than others.  I am here to try to help you handle your Back to School Stress like a PRO. 
Practice daily stress management skills.
Small steps can add up to a practical and effective stress-management plan. Take these small steps and make sure they become a part of your daily routine.

The most important thing you can do this school year is TAKE CARE OF YOU!! Prioritize and be sure to make time in your schedule to do things that make you happy.  KEEP a balance in your LIFE and don't let work consume all of your TIME. 
Being healthy is going to have a huge impact on your overall mood.  The more you take care of yourself ~ the more your students will benefit. 

Have a HEALTHY ~ HAPPY school year!! 
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to help you ease back into the new school year and relieve some of that stress. 

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