Sunday, August 23, 2015

Classroom First Aid Kit

Although many schools have a nurse's office for serious illnesses and injuries, most of the time small cuts and scrapes can be handled right in the classroom with minimal disruption to the day! Print off this FREE checklist and make sure that your Classroom First Aid Kit is stocked and ready to go.

Click HERE to see the list and to PRINT the free checklist.


  1. I love this checklist! Such a great reminder to restock those items that we constantly seem to run out of! This is a fabulous post for the beginning of the year!

    1. 12 Must have Contents Of An Equipped First Aid Box brought to you by first aid course Brisbane

      1. Bandages
      This is used to secure dressings made to the wound.

      2. Soap
      Used in cleaning wounds and washing out foreign bodies.

      3. Antiseptic wipes or sprays
      This is used for reducing the risk of infection in abrasions or other wounds.

      4. Scissors
      This is used in cutting materials for dressing or flesh itself.

      5. Alcohol Pads
      This is used for sanitizing equipments or broken skin.

      6. Thermometer
      This is used in measuring the body temperature of the affected individual.
      7. Cotton wool
      This is used In applying medications and cleaning of wounds.

      8. Aspirin
      Primarily used for pains and also serves as an antiplatelet.

      9. Painkillers
      This is used to reduce pains and some include paracetamol, panadol.
      10. Hydrogen peroxide

      Basic First Aid Course Treatment Procedures For Cosmetologists

      Treatment for Burns

      Burns could result when the cosmetologist or their clients mishandles a hot equipment such as the blow dryer.
      The seriousness of the burn depends on the amount of burnt surface area, body part burnt and age of the victim.

      Applying First Aid Treatment To Burns

      • Use a wet soft cloth to cool the area.
      • Continue with cooling the affected area to relieve the burning sensation.
      • Remove any tightening material, most importantly those around the burnt area.

      Once the burning sensation is relieved, clean up the burnt area with cotton wool soaked with aspirin.
      • Then continue with dressing up the burnt area..

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