Sunday, August 16, 2015

Easy Math Assessments! Exit Slips!

Hi Sweet Friends!

It's Abbey from A Teacher Mom - back because it's the 16th of the month!  I am 1 week away from baby's due date and I am M-O-R-E than ready to meet this little guy! 

In the meantime, I have been trying to keep my mind off of how uncomfy I am and I have some new goodies for all y'all in my store - just in time for back-to-school!

Last year, I spent the summer reading Guided Math by Laney Sammons.  I fell in LOVE - I shared my enthusiasm with team and they fell in love too! We worked all year to create what we think works as a guided math system for us.  

We use pre and post assessments to group kiddos into three guided groups.  These groups cycle through three stations each day - Guided Math (with a teacher), Game Station (practice with the skill of today or yesterday), Independent Practice (on their own at their just right level).

In the past, we have had a very long morning work time (for kids to complete their morning routine and morning work) and we used that time to have kids complete a sort of exit ticket to check in on their understanding from the math lesson the day before - Did it stick?  Should we review?  Who needs more time?

This year, kids only have 10 minutes from the first bell until the time when we need to begin morning meeting with the whole class - not much time for a morning routine, morning practice, and a math message!

So after talking it over we decided on using exit slips!  These were created with every teacher in mind.  You could print the whole month and copy it back to front (double staple) and cut in half to make a booklet that kids can complete once a day and you can check it each day.  We are thinking about trying it either   during a transitional time (before/after lunch, end of day) or right at the end of the Guided Math station.  

Here is a sample of the October set made into a booklet:  


Would be completed after learning about number grid hopping...


Would be complete after working on skip counting by 2's!


Here is a quick peek at what it may look like if you chose to copy each sheet each day (not in a packet).  This one is from the August/September pack - building routines and basic number sense.  


Super special thank you to my almost Kindergartener for agreeing to pose as a firstie on a Saturday afternoon!

We have started a GROWING BUNDLE with these exit slips - we will be adding one for each month of the school year. Each time we add a set the price will increase, so if you like these make sure to check out the growing bundle before it fills up!

Aug/Sept pack includes 21 exit slips that help check in on kids basic number sense and knowledge as well as help set routines in the classroom. 

October pack includes 25 exit slips that help check in on kids basic number sense and knowledge as well as counting pennies and nickels, telling time to the hour, and solving number stories. 

If you are reading this on 8/16 - it's your lucky day!  All of these packs are 20% for today only!  Enjoy!

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