Thursday, May 21, 2015

End of the Year Keepsake

Hey y'all! It's Kourtney blogging from Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners.  Are you counting down to the end of the year? 13 1/2 days left for us!  Testing is in full swing and it's crunch time for all the little things!   

Last month, I posted about a gift I like to give my students.  This month, I want to share a cute idea and a gift I give my students and parents together.  

During the last week of school, I have a day where I have the parents come out for an awards day for just my class.  On this day, I give each of my students their own award accompanied by some kind of dollar tree gift.  

Here are some suggestions:
Most Improved in Reading/Math/Writing
Sensational Speller - Letter Cookies
Super Smile - Fun Toothbrush
Handsome Handwriting - Handwriting Paper / Pens / Pencils
Awesome Artist - Drawing Pad / Markers / Crayons / Colored Pencils
 Rockin' Reader - BookSuper Storyteller - Notepad / Pen to write Stories
Fantastic Friend - A Toy/Doll to Share
Most Loving
Future Teacher - Stickers / Pointer / Thorough Thinker
Handy Helper - Handi Snacks Pudding
Future Fashionista - Jewelry Best Listener - Earbuds
Awesome Attitude
Extra Effort
Love to Laugh
Dependable Diva - Jewelry / Feather Boa Glowing Personality - Glow Bracelets
You're So Bright - Sunglasses
Most Bubbly - Bubbles
So, So Silly - Silly String

After I present them with their awards, they grab a snack and sit with their parents for a slideshow.  The slideshow is a labor of love y'all.  I'm like the paparazzi all year.  I have pics for days, weeks, months and years...don't you?!  I have them organized by month on my computer. 

Katie Mense has a great set of title slides to go before your pictures and seems to have one for just about everything!  I had a to create a few extras for things specific to my class, but this just about covers them all and they are SUPER cute! I use Windows Movie Maker to make my slideshow, but I'm sure there are other programs you can use.  I am most familiar with this one, though.

At the end, I put these fun slides in: (I didn't come up with this idea and I can't remember who did, but I love it!)

We took the pictures on a wall outside of our classroom.  I inserted the pictures into PowerPoint and added all the information.   We put all the information on a Google Doc and call the kids over and ask them the questions and fill it in so it's super easy when it's time to put it on the pictures.

When you get to these pictures, you will want to slow down your time per picture a bit so that they have time to read the information on them.

I make a copy of the DVD for each family which does take FOREVER, but what an awesome keepsake for each family to have! :)   Our DVD last year was almost 30 minutes! I used Happy, The Climb, Let it Go, Magic - Selena Gomez, Magic - B.o.B, Party in the USA, Roar, and Firework. 

I confess, I haven't even started this task...I better get crackin' and you better too!! :)  Good luck with your end of the year - we can do it!! 

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