Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Summer Countdown Behavior Incentive Freebie!

Hey y'all! It's Kourtney blogging from Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners! Is anyone else counting down to last day of school yet? We have 37 days left! (Woah, we have A LOT left accomplish in 37 days!!)  However, I would be lying if I didn't admit I'm not ready to lay by the pool, catch a tan, sleep in, and use the bathroom when I want! 

At this point, you've moved your kids all over the room, you can't quite find a spot where everyone is quiet, and everyone is getting a little antsy.  You've got field trips, field days, testing, music programs, and who knows what else going on and maybe....your kids are a little bananas?  Or is that just my room?

Do you remember when I posted about the 12 Days of Christmas? I'm all about positive praise and some kind of incentive.  I don't have time to focus on the negative and call anyone's name a million times. Reward, reward, reward.  5 positives for every negative...sound familiar?  My Kindergarten friends and I came up with a fun behavior incentive to get us through May/June. 

First, you need to purchase a sand bucket for each child.  I usually get mine from the Dollar Tree.  They have large ones and a variety of colors.  I like to choose 2 colors, 1 for the boys and 1 for the girls, but some of my buddies choose more colors.
Splash-N-Swim Brightly-Colored Beach Pails with Shovels, 9"
You could ask a parent to donate these, that's up to you.  These are typically a gift from me or me and my assistant.  Next, you put their names on them with a paint pen.

You can do the letters however you like.  We like to do bubble letters too.

Then, send home the parent letter asking for items to fill the buckets!

This is editable (fill in the number of children and the date etc.)

Here is a suggested list of items: (You can change or add to the list.)  - Assign an item to anyone who signed up and type or write their name next to the item.  This helps you keep track of what you've already assigned.

Send a confirmation note to the parents to let them know what to send in and what date to send it in by,

Hole punch and attach this cute tag to your buckets so your students will know it's from you! :)  There are two choices in case you don't like to say love and would rather say from.

Both of these products are FREE!! Go grab them and get started ASAP so you parents have time to send in the items!! 


Alright, now you have a way to keep your children's behavior under control and you can start counting down to the end of the year!! 


Until next time, 

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