Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Look How Much We Have Grown!! You ARE Making a Difference!

With the end of another school year coming up fast, it is a good time to look back and see just how much our students have grown. These last few weeks of school can be so hard for so many reasons. However, while we are dreaming of sand between our toes, a nice dip in the pool, or just sleeping in past 6AM, we still have a lot of teaching to do!!

We all start to see some behaviors from our children at this time of the year that have us scratching our head or wanting to pull our hair out!  But...remember... YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of these children!!!! When you see them write their name on their paper, say "I taught them to do that!" When your student picks up a book and starts reading you can say, "I taught them to do that!" When you see a child help another child clean up a spill, you can say, "I taught them to do that!" We sometimes forget how the children were when they came to us, so we are here to remind you that you are wonderful!! You have taught each of the children in your class so much, you have taken their previous learning even further, and YOU have helped them to grow and be successful! Kudos to you!
Every year we are amazed at how much our students learn and grow. Kindergarten is a big year full of growth and learning. No matter where they were when they arrived, every child of yours has made amazing growth! So, sit back, relax, and take a stroll down memory lane with us.....

Remember when your line in the hallway looked like this or even worse? (Yikes!) Pat yourself on the back for teaching your children safe and respectful hallway behavior that is SO important!

Remember when you had to remind them over and over how to hold their pencils and crayons correctly? Teaching correct grasps is tough.....so, great job!

Remember when they wrote in capital letters all over town or didn't know quite how to be friends with the lines on their paper...Some of their names weren't even legible....Until YOU helped them out!

Remember when they could barely draw and color to the potential you have helped them reach? Wow, have they changed!

Remember when your line for shoe-tying was a LOT longer than it is now? We should all really count how many shoes we tie each year!

Remember when they had most of their teeth?!? Okay, maybe you didn't make those changes, but you might have pulled out a few along the way, ha! Plus we KNOW you endured lots of germy tooth-wiggling in the middle of class all year long. (Ew!)

So no matter how crazy and overwhelming the end of the school year is, and no matter how crazy your kiddos act in the next few weeks, remember that everyone worked hard this year and has grown and changed with the help of their AMAZING teacher...YOU!

These changes and smiling faces makes doing what we do SO worthwhile. Go ahead and pat another teacher on the back for a job well done...everyone needs to hear it!

Thanks for hanging with us! Enjoy your last few weeks with your children!!

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