Sunday, May 3, 2015

Transitions...a life post! :)

Hey there! It's Megan from A New Box of Crayons!

Today...I have decided to talk about transitions and no, I am not talking about those seamless, magical transitions we make in our classroom from one subject to the next.  I want to talk about life transitions, ya know...the one's where you have to move classrooms, send your kiddos on to the next grade, change grade levels, look for a job closer to home, etc.  I have found that the end of the year seems to bring many transitions for us as educators. We begin to tell students "You need to show me how a (next grade level) grader would behave." or "Wow, I thought I had a room of ___graders, because it was so quiet.".  We also spend our "free time" taking down bulletin boards, packing up file cabinets, cleaning out closest, etc. all so we can move on and begin prepping for next year.  It can become overwhelming and extremely stressful.  

Now, you may be wondering what sparked this post for me. Well, I , personally, am going through many transitions in the next month/year. To help you understand, here is a glimpse of my transitions in the next few months:

- Cleaning out my classroom (woof)
- Wedding planning (I get married in June)
- Clean and pack up my apartment
- Move to future home with my soon-to-be Husband (I may need to have the whole closet)
-  Find a job that is not an hour drive from our new home (...)
- Pack a classroom of things that could sit in storage OR be moved into a new school (I still don't know where my stuff is going)
- Change my last name (this is just weird)

I am sure there are some I am forgetting, but I know I am not alone in these transitions.  Today, I want to talk about how to handle transitions, get some perspective on making large changes in our lives. I know I don't have all the answers, but I want you to know that you are not alone in these changes and neither am I! 

The past few weeks I have felt like a chicken running around with my head cut off. My students are finishing my sentences or helping me find my coffee cup.  My phone has to remind me what day it is while my life planner is filled with pages of check lists. I finally sat down yesterday on my bathroom floor (where else can you have total privacy?) on the brink of a total and utterly disgusting meltdown

when I saw this on my bathroom wall...

Now...this sign has been in my bathroom for 3 years. I see it everyday and never stop to think about what it says.  Right then and there I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. Things may not go as I have them planned, but they will all work out and probably for the better.  

Trust your journey...

this is what I tell myself when things don't go the way I had envisioned them going. Everything happens for a reason, I just need to trust that I will be where I am meant to be...AND SO WILL YOU! 

Everything will be okay! We are so used to planning every minute of every day and being in charge, having control! So, when our personal lives seem to be in disarray we kind of lose it (well, I do at least). 

Ready for a cheesy confession?
This past week, during my plan time, I have been listening to this song in my classroom...

Who doesn't love a little Andy Grammar?! As cheesy as this may be , it has totally helped me deal with everything that is coming my way. 

So, my friends, whatever transition you may be facing simply remember:

Everything will be okay;

Trust your journey


Keep your head up!

On a lighter note....

Stop back tomorrow for...

Thanks for stoppin' by! 


  1. I love this! I need to remember this week to "trust the journey". It will be ok.

    You have some exciting things coming up. I hope you get a position close to your home.

  2. This helps me in so many ways, and I'll be sure to share it with my son who is struggling in residency.... so far from home and his wife wanting to move back here without him) bc she has been offered a job in her field.

    Random : what font did you use got primary & megan? So cute!!

  3. Megan, I loved this and so needed to read it today! Thank you!! :o)

  4. I love this, Meg! I just found out last week that I will be staying in K, but will be moving to a new school in my district. I PANICKED! LIke, literally freaked out. I kept telling myself "You don't HAVE to, you GET to." Now I need to go get that sign that's in your bathroom.

    You rock! xo