Saturday, March 21, 2015

Easter Activities

Hey y'all! It's Kourtney blogging from Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners again! (Though don't judge me, I haven't had much of a chance to blog over there lately!) I don't know about you guys, but it seems like the days are flying by and I can't even believe it's my turn to post again! 

We're breezing through our curriculum and it's time to start planning our Easter activities! I always have an Easter Egg Hunt a few days before we get out for Easter. I send a note home about 2-3 weeks in advance asking parents to send in pre-stuffed, taped eggs.  I ask for each family to send in how many ever students we have (this year 22) and I ask them to be stuffed with candy or toys.  When we get the eggs, we use a permanent marker to write the numbers 1-22 on the eggs and put them in a large container. On the day of the hunt, I give my students a die cut with a number on it.  When they hunt for the eggs, they can only find their number.  I give some students easier numbers and some students harder numbers.  I recommend drawing a line under the 6 and the 9! This makes the hunt educational and it lasts a bit longer.  The kids love it! Students can bring a basket or I just give them a grocery bag to hunt.

When we get back inside, I have my students count their eggs, make sure they have just their number, sort them by color etc.

Then we begin our fun activities.  I split my students up and rotate them around to each activity.  I try to have a parent volunteer to run each station.

Sight Word Peep Memory - They have to find a match and read the sight word.  The winner gets a treat! 

Dying Easter Eggs - I have a parent send in 2-3 dozen hard boiled eggs and each student gets to dye and decorate one egg and take it home.  Many students don't get to do this at home and I like to provide that experience for them at school just in case! They love it! :) 

Jelly Bean Addition - Students add the jelly beans and then they can eat a few! :) 

M&M Graphing - Students Sort and Count the M&Ms and Graph them and then they can eat a few! 

Easter Egg Craft - This is something I usually like to have at their seat as a filler activity.  When they have a few extra minutes in between stations, this gives them something to do.

This activity we don't do during our Easter Party, but was a huge hit for us! We made Peeps Play-Dough! It's actually edible!!  I got the idea here:

candy playdough you can eat

You need Peeps, Coconut Oil, and Powdered Sugar.  We gave our students just 2 peeps and it was plenty!! We made sure they had clean hands and we gave them a plate to play with it on. (We had a hodge podge of left over plates, so please ignore all the holidays!) At the end we let them taste it.  It was SUPER sweet, but they had a blast.

We love doing centers during Easter week and our favorite center is Write the Room!! If yours is too, grab this Easter Write the Room Center for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store! 

If you head to the Target Dollar Spot right now, you'll find a bin full of these awesome glasses:

They have eggs, bunnies, butterflies, frogs...and maybe some others! I got the bunnies for my kids to wear while they do Write the Room!! Go get some!! :) 

See y'all next month! 


  1. My kiddos would love the Peeps playdoh. Thanks for the recipe! I'll have to make a trip to the Target Dollar Spot- the glasses look like fun. Have a great weekend!

    A Very Curious Class

  2. Wow!! Your Easter activities are awesome!! Thanks for sharing. I want to do every single one! :-)

  3. I am determined to make that playdough this year! Last year I got all the ingredients but we ran out of time!
    You provide a lot of memorable fun for your kiddos!
    Hope you find some time to relax when your Spring Break rolls around!
    Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten

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