Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let's Make Learning 'Egg'-citing!

Hi Everyone!
Grab those plastic eggs and...

I always do an Oviparous Animals unit in my kindergarten classroom each spring.
Because I am a 'theme nerd' and have a need (sickness maybe?!) to make everything connect, I have my ELA and Math centers include eggs, as well!

On my blog you will find 10 simple, relatively no-(major) prep ways to incorporate plastic eggs into your centers!
They range in grade level from PreK-2 depending on how you offer support and/or enrichment!

You will find detailed pictures and FREEBIES on the post like this fun free editable pack...

and how I have used eggs to help with composing and decomposing...
Decomposing is a difficult skill for many kinders to understand, but I found using the double sided counters really helped them!
You can read more about how I had my kinders use eggs and counters on THIS POST.
(You can even find free recording sheets to download!)

as well as making groups of 10...
Recruit parents and fellow teachers to save egg cartons for you (and maybe even donate some plastic eggs since this activity requires quite a few)!
The idea of making an egg carton into a 'ten frame' came from a post back in January 2014 by Laura at Differentiation Station Creations!  
And it works PERFECT for this activity of using eggs to make groups of 10!

You can read all about how I used it in my kindergarten class, and download the free spinner and recording sheets on THIS POST!

The post will also talk all about how I introduce oviparous animals to my kids and has links to oviparous resources and a free lifecycle download!

I hope you and your students have an 'egg'-citing time learning math, words, letters and more using plastic eggs!

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  1. Love these ideas!!! I am going to have to try 4, 6 and 8 this week!
    Thank you :)

  2. Those are some of my kiddos favorites! Have fun!
    Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten