Sunday, March 8, 2015

Leaping Leprechauns! Freebies!

Need some fun ideas for St. Patrick's Day? Head over to my blog to grab some great leprechaun freebies!
I have two math freebies for you to use with your kids!  The first is a math poem, based around "Fives". I've created a ton of "FIVES" based poetry that you can use with your kids.  See all the fun that can be had with "Fives" in these blog posts. Get your own set of "Fives" poetry  here.

The second is a set of hands-on activities that focus on working with a number line. So. Much. Fun! Check out the freebie here.

I hope your kids enjoy this as much as mine do!  I would love to hear your feedback on the St. Patrick's Day freebies!  Your feedback always makes my day :) 

You can check out my other St. Patrick's Day products, too!
St. Patrick's Day Math Scavenger Hunts: Use for memory, "WAR", scavenger hunts, and so many other uses!  You can use the cards with egg carton ten frames!  See it here!  It's a great way to make ten frames concrete.
And a St. Patrick's Day Alphabet Scavenger Hunt.  You can use this for memory, matching upper and lower case letters, and so many other ways.  Check out how I use my alphabet scavenger hunts here.
I also wanted to share some free focus wands here!  Hope you have a super Sunday!  Until next month,


  1. Have you thought of a doing a Subtraction Number Line? My kiddos are doing Number Lines now but with Subtraction.

    1. I have done some with subtraction! I love using number lines :) Here's one of the subtraction number line packs: Thanks so much for commenting!