Monday, March 30, 2015

Testing Season (and how to survive)

Cassie from Mrs. Thomas's Class here!

It's that time of the year - state testing time. Ours starts in two weeks and my sanity has went completely out all of my windows in my classroom. I would say the way to survive is to have a glass or two every evening, but now that I'm pregnant, that's off the table and I have had to find new ways to survive. I decided to create some test taking STAAR cards to use during rotations with my students. This helps with the monotony of passage, questions, passage, questions. I have developed a game playing strategy to help with the task cards, the students answer the questions and if they get it correct they roll a dice and record the numbers to the side. They add up all the numbers at the end. The TOP 3 start out getting two pieces of candy, then as we move through the next two weeks it works up to breakfast on me! :) FOOD is the biggest motivator for my kiddos. I don't know about you!

Here are some pictures of my kiddos in action working on the cards today!


I have them split in groups, and then they work together or independently the first few days. We will eventually move into silent, desk work. 

I am going to provide for you all a preview of my test prep packs! They work for anyone in testing season in third grade, not just Texas. 

Click on the picture!

Hope this gives you a fun idea! You can find the full bundles here:

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