Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Teacher Hacks {For Teachers of All Grade Levels!}

Hi there! It's Gina from Miss Peluso's Kindergarten back to chat with you here on The Primary Pack today!
I am super excited about this blog post, not because I've had it planned for a while {seriously, it came to me while I was not sleeping on Sunday night!}, but because teacher hacks are one of my favorite things to read about, and I know that they can help ALL teachers! 

I promised myself that I would refrain from viewing other teacher hack posts on Pinterest and do my own searching for some great ideas in my school, and I am very proud to say that this post is 100% things that I've found to make my life easier {although I am sure many of these ideas are already out there on other lists!} Here we go!

Talk about easy! Laminate parts of your bulletin board so that they can be written on with a dry erase marker! This makes text so simple to change- just erase and rewrite! I use this for my calendar bulletin board, and I can just think of all of the possibilities! Who wouldn't love to write on the wall?!

Do you ever wish that you had rotating bulletin boards for all of your small groups? I do! For example, each of my guided reading groups is working on different reading strategies, and I wish that I had different focus walls for each of them! Enter… the binder stand! You can create your anchor charts or focus walls to place in a binder, and use the stand to make your binder stand up. What a genius idea! {On my radar thanks to my genius mentor!}
Last year, my kiddos were constantly arguing in line that they were "squished," which led to pushing, more arguments… you know where this goes. So, this year I marked my line with stickers. When lining up, students look for an open sticker, and stand on it. This cuts down a lot on the line drama!
I blogged about these adhesive name tag pockets a while ago on Miss Peluso's Kindergarten, but I just had to mention them again! It is so simple to change seats when all I have to do is slip in a new name tag! Want to change the number of students at a table? They're adhesive, so all you have to do is peel them up, and rearrange! 

Another wonderful idea from my mentor… a storage bench! Teachers love double duty. Not only is this an adorable and comfy bench, it gives you lots of extra storage! I'm definitely going to need to make some of these for myself this summer- I could always use the extra storage!
Do you need more bulletin board space? I was seriously lacking bulletin board space in my room last year. I had to tape a lot of things up to the wall which ended in re-taping each morning. This year, I bought some cork roll from Michael's and made my own bulletin board! It hot glued right to the wall, and it comes off clean so your custodians don't have to worry. It is so nice to have extra space!
Do you wish you had a way to streamline your anecdotal notes, cut down on the number of papers you have to file, and be able to find what you're looking for by a simple search? Check out my video tutorial on Teacher Notes!
These pocket folders are super simple to make! Just take a regular folder (I got them at WalMart for 49 cents this year), and use a 9" round baking pan to trace a half circle. Then, cut on the lines, and fold over. That's it! I added velcro and some labels to make sight word pocket folders for my students!
I don't have a photo of my own markers {blogger fail!!}, but I am borrowing this photo from The Teaching Thief to show you. This is one of the best projects that I did last year. No more missing erasers or needy students. Everything they need is right there!
My favorite new teacher hack thanks to my teammate, Barb! This one almost didn't make it into the list because I didn't know about it until today. I am so happy that it did because I think every teacher can benefit from something like this. I can't wait to start using this app tomorrow!!
So… did you find something that makes your teacher heart happy? There are so many great teacher hacks out there, and I'd love to hear some of yours! Comment below with any descriptions or photos that you have to share! Don't forget to visit me at Miss Peluso's Kindergarten!
Have a great end to your week!


  1. Thanks for the great info on the Teacher Note app....always looking for something to make my note taking more streamlined and easy to access. This is an app I plan to test out this quarter! Do you have a distributor or creator for the binder stand? I tried looking on google search, but this particular type of stand isn't coming up. It looks like it would be perfect for using with my small groups! Thanks!
    Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frogs

  2. I love your list! I too am interested in the binder stand, so any more info would be appreciated!

  3. Love your list!! Thank you! I found the binder clips at:

  4. Great post Gina! I learned a lot actually that I could use right away. Thanks so much!


  5. Can you please post the link for the name tag pockets you use? I'd love to purchase some for my class next year. Thanks!