Saturday, March 28, 2015

Homework Leader Of The Week Club!

 Let's go clubbin'! 

Ha, just kidding. 

Alisha here from Missing Tooth Grins! I'm happy to share with you something new I implemented in my classroom. You see, I noticed I had a large problem with homework being returned. I send home homework packets every Monday and they are due back the following Friday. I would share with you what I send home, but they are from Common Core workbooks. They aren't fancy, but they are aligned to the CCSS, which of course is important, but I find these extra helpful because it states the standard and I Can statement at the bottom of every page. In my packet, I send home spelling words, a math page, and a communication arts page.

Anyway, I saw a real problem with homework never coming back on Fridays. I really noticed one week when less than half of my class returned their homework. So, I quickly devised a plan to start that day. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful student teacher this semester and so therefore, I've also been given the gift of time and was able to create these fun little incentives that day. If you follow me on Instagram, then you may remember this picture:

I remember it got a lot of likes which made me feel really cool... Because let's face it, I'm a loser and love my likes on Instagram. But anyway, based on the likes I received, I figured that I better share my creation with you all!

So, every Friday afternoon, each student that brings back his/her homework gets to be Homework Leader of the Week and gets a certificate and a Blowpop. Then, every student that brings back his/her homework every week of the month gets to be Homework Leader of the MONTH! They get certificates, a sucker, AND GET TO EAT LUNCH IN THE ROOM WITH THE TEACHER. What?! Pretty big deal in the first grade world! They also get to sign a paper that we hang in the hallway to show everyone who the Homework Leaders of the Month were.

Ya'll, they love it. Plus, it has really solved my homework problem. The week I started this... Only 9 kids had brought their homework back. Out of 22 kids. It was completely devastating to me. Today, a total of 17 kids did. That number nearly doubled so I can definitely see that it is helping! Plus, the homework leaders of the month were pumped when they got to even watch a movie during lunch. They talked about it all morning and just couldn't wait for lunch to come.

"Miss Sanders, when is lunch?"

Me- "Oh, you know... Same time as every other day."

They were so excited.

If you want to implement the Homework Leader of the Week/Month Club, click any of the pictures below to download!
I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!


  1. I will have to try this ~ getting kids to hand in homework consistently is an issue in my classroom too. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks Alisha. Your Instagram like comment cracked me up.

  3. I have this problem too. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I was one of your likes on IG and you are not a loser, lol! My kids NEVER do their HW and I have been frustrated the whole year. They are a badly behaved group anyway, but the HW thing is out of hand. I am going to try this for the last quarter of the year which starts on Monday. I will keep you posted and thank you so much for this!

    Faithful in First