Thursday, March 26, 2015

Math Mysteries Solved.....Odd Squad Style!

Hello Friends!

It's Jennifer here from Stories and Songs in Second to talk about a non-literacy related topic!

Jump back, Jack!  What a novelty, huh?

This PBS show and website is just too good not to share though, and I have my friend Em from Curious Firsties to thank!  We traveled together recently, and when I told her that I needed some new ideas for my upcoming unit on measurement, she directed me to.....

Complete episodes of the series are available through Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon, but can also be viewed weekdays on your local public broadcast station.  Short video clips are available on the website as well.  Odd Squad is geared toward children ages 5-8, and presents a variety of math concepts as mysterious cases to be solved by young government agents named Olive and Otto.  The live-action show is produced by The Fred Rogers Company, and also includes storylines about perseverance and the importance of working together to solve problems.

I've recently begun using many of the the interactive learning videos available on the Odd Squad website, and 
this Down The Tubes matrix puzzle activity is a great one for visual learners!  It gives my second graders 
much-needed practice measuring using an inch ruler and building bar models!

Catch the Centigurps is another interactive learning activity featured on this site, and provides a fun way for students to practice metric measurement and counting on by 5's!

I cannot communicate the excitement level of my students whenever I announce that Odd Squad activities are going to be included in our Math Station rotations!  I hope you'll introduce them to your students as well!

In closing, I'd like to share a fun FREEBIE I created last spring to help my group practice some "fraction action!"  May this "monstrous" scoot game help your students think mathematically and have fun at the same time!

Stay colorful!

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