Monday, February 16, 2015

Making Phonics Fun!

What is the weather like where you are?  
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I really hope it is nicer than here!  I live near Boston, MA and we have had almost 90 inches of snow since January 27th - with more on the way tomorrow and this weekend.  I woke up to wind chills over -20!  It is not looking like an outside day today!

I am Abbey from A Teacher Mom!  

And today I am sharing with you a short post about my favorite thing to do with my firsties - PLAY GAMES!  Kids can only take so much of teacher talk and so much seat work - They NEED to be doing things.  

After introducing a new concept, I reteach the concept while teaching the game and they can continue practicing while they play.  

For example last week I taught Bossy R sounds -ar and -or.  We use the FUNdations program and cards like these to teach the sounds.  

Then after a few days of reviewing the cards and reading some words I introduced the game BUMP.  

This got them reading words with the -ar and -or sounds and interacting with their peers!

Interested in the entire Bossy R game pack? - Find it HERE.

Want to try out BUMP for yourself? - Try it HERE for FREE!

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  1. Thank you!!!! We use Fundations and it gets so dry after a while. This gives me the "green light" to go out of the box like I've been wanting to!!

    You rock!