Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All-in-One Reading Passages FREEBIE!

Hi again! It's Lauren from A Teachable Teacher!

 I hope everyone enjoyed an extended weekend due to the President's Day holiday.  I'm sure some of you are still  enjoying an extended weekend, thanks to ice and snow. 

I wouldn't know what that's like because I'm from Southern California. I've always dreamed of having a snow day!  I really think we should get "hot days!"  Working at a year round school in July, we can hit triple digits.  Yikes!

Here's a little peek into my weekend.  I enjoyed working on my next edition of All-in-One Reading Passages while lounging by the pool. (<<< That is important information.  You'll see why at the end of the post.)

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I LOVE February because it is my month off! There are times when teaching at a year round school is rough and there are times when it is fabulous. February just happens to be fabulous. ;-)

One of the best things about being off for random months (when everyone else is too busy to hang out) is that I can check things off my "creations-to-make" to do list.  At the very TOP of my list were some reading passages that offered practice for many skills.  I NEEDED these in my first grade classroom, and what resources I did have for it were just not cutting it!
Thus, All-in-One Reading Passages were born!
I've been creating these each week as my students learned new phonics skills and I couldn't wait to touch them up so I could share them with all of you!  There are so many different ways that the passages can be used!
  • Introducing a phonics skill
  • Reviewing a phonics skill
  • Guided reading groups
  • Fluency practice
  • Reading comprehension practice
  • Homework
  • Assessment

These have been so useful in my classroom that I knew I needed to make the passages for other skills as soon as I had time.  Well it's February, and now I have time!  I've since added a short vowels edition and a blends and digraphs edition.

Here's an example of my blends and digraphs edition.  My friend was practicing the "cr" blend with her small intervention group.  Just look at all the skills being practiced at once!  I can't wait to use these with my targeted intervention group when we go back in March!

...and here's a peek into my short vowels edition, which was a popular request!  {P.S. This set is 30% until 2-18-15.}

But don't just take my word for it...try these in your classroom! I've made the "ai" passage (from my long vowels edition) FREE!  Click here to snag it up.

Earlier I said I was working poolside on another set of reading passages.  
Comment below to "guess the skill" of my newest edition.  
I will pick someone to WIN the newest set when it is done!
I am estimating that the newest set will be done by Saturday or Sunday.  
Fingers cross I don't get too distracted by the pool. ;-)

Happy school day, snow day, whatever-you-do day!


  1. R-controlled vowels and/or diphthongs. These are great!! Will be trying these out with my first graders!!

  2. Vowel teams! lhuhne@optonline.net

  3. I would love to win for my struggling learners! I am also guessing R controlled vowels. Thanks for the opportunity to have a chance to win!

  4. That pool looks beautiful Here in New York it's 14 degrees outside! Your All in One Reading Passages are just what my class needs. I'm guessing your newest edition is vowel digraphs and diphthongs (oo,ew,au,aw,oi,oy) etc.

  5. I have your long vowel one and love it. I am guessing special vowel combinations such as ou, ow, ew, or r controlled vowels which we are working on right now.

    1. Hi Lori! You were the randomly selected WINNER! Please email me aTeachableTeacher@gmail.com to claim your prize!
      Thanks for commenting,

  6. I am guessing digraphs and diphthongs? I would love, love, love to win!!!


  7. I am guessing you will be using "OO"

  8. I'm guessing your newest pack is working on diphthongs. I would love to win!

  9. wooo for February break at a year round school!! I hope it is r controlled vowels... I also can't wait to get the bundled version. Maybe you will make it a growing bundle! ;) angelamhand@gmail.com

  10. Which packet contains the au/aw digraph?