Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Interactive Read-Alouds

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I'm here today to share with you a "GO-TO" resource that is an oldie but a goodie! A friend & co-worker of mined shared it with me last year & I highly recommend keeping this resource near your lesson plan book or using it to collect titles for your mini-lessons!.

Linda Hoyt: Interactive Read-Alouds
Click HERE to visit the home page & look around!

Of course you can buy the entire product suited for your grade, but the website also has some FREE items to help you with your lesson planning. Read on to see...

The read-aloud lessons are designed around popular children's classics common to classroom and school libraries.The read-aloud lessons are grouped into six standards-based strands: comprehension, story elements, vocabulary/literary language, literary elements and devices, genre, and writing traits. So this is a perfect resource when planning read-alouds for all your ELA lessons. The children's classics in Linda Hoyt's Interactive Read-Alouds are organized into two groups—Mentor Texts and Booklinks. A Mentor Text is an exemplary model of good literature and is the centerpiece of each lesson. A cover image of each Mentor Text opens the lesson and the lesson explicitly models how to teach a targeted strategy or literary element with this title. Booklinks are also familiar favorites that lend themselves to teaching a targeted standard. These are suggested as alternative titles that will help you extend the focus on a standard across many texts and multiple subjects. Many of the Mentor Texts and Booklinks are Caldecott and Newberry Medal winners.
[Linda Hoyt, Interactive Read-Alouds Firsthand]

There are 2 FREE resources you can gather from this website: Title List & Lesson Matrix. Each are grouped in categories of K/1, 2/3 & 4/5

Title List [alphabetical order] & Lesson Matrix

Below are snapshots for K/1:
Title List [alphabetical order]
[click on the photo above for a direct link]

Lesson Matrix
[click on the photo above for a direct link]

To gather the 2 FREE resources for 2/3, click below:
2/3 Title List [alphabetical order]
2/3 Lesson Matrix

To gather the 2 FREE resources for 4/5, click below:
4/5 Title List [alphabetical order]
4/5 Lesson Matrix

A little help navigating around this website to gather these FREE items for you to know...

Start at the homepage...
[click on the photo below for a direct link]

Then click on the bottom left where it says: For a full listing of these titles click here [see arrow]...
[click on the photo below for a direct link]

You will then be brought to this page where you can search around for both FREE resources by grades [see arrows]...
[click on the photo below for a direct link]

Wait, the best for last... There are FREE lesson samples & more [see arrow]. Go back to the home page & go to the toolbar of the left...
[click on the photo below for a direct link]

This is the page you will get when you click on Samples... FREE sample plans...
[click on the photo below for a direct link]

I hope this is helpful information to you & you get good use out of it! Thank you for reading!

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