Saturday, February 14, 2015

Journaling in the Primary Grades

Hi, friends!  Ashley here from One Sharp Bunch!  I'm super excited to share how we've been journaling in my Kindergarten classroom!

My kiddos have been doing so well with our monthly journal prompts that I could hardly wait to get our February prompts printed.
These journal prompts have been a great opportunity for my students to practice many skills, including correctly forming the letters, segmenting words, making finger spaces, beginning with a capital letter and ending with a period.  Most of all, I love that these prompts allow for creativity while writing.

When I first introduced our journal prompts back in December, I began by brainstorming some creative ideas for completing the prompts.  Since we typically write small moment stories during Writing Workshop, this creative aspect during our Work on Writing time was welcomed with open arms.  Just to clarify... We do Writing Workshop everyday, but we use these prompts during our Work on Writing station as a type of writing menu to encourage a variety of writing genres.  Plus, they are great for early finishers!  As the students complete a page, they color the corresponding heart on the cover.

My kiddos especially love to use the illustrated "monthly dictionary" when writing.  These dictionaries, along with our word wall, provide just the right amount of support to motivate even my reluctant writers!

Plus, each journal prompt includes primary lines, as well as plain lines.

Here's a FREEBIE sample just for all of our Primary Pack readers!

These monthly writing prompts have been a great way to help build confidence while writing.  Plus, they are an easy way for me to keep a portfolio of my students' writing to share with their families!

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