Monday, November 24, 2014

Guess Who's Coming To Town?!!!

Hi All!  It's Jenn from
and I am so excited about my post for today!  

I am going to preface it by saying...I know, I know...Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet...BUT the next time I post it will be Christmas Eve and it would be WAY too late to talk about who is coming to town!!!

Yes....there is a red suit...
Yes...there are bells....
Yes...there is a hat...
Can you guess who I am talking about???

NO... it is not Santa!

It is....
a super cute elf craftivity!

I am going to show you how to make him later on in the post...but first...

How many of you use an elf in your classroom to help curb, shape, modify, change, etc your students behavior during December?

Even before the hype of 'Elf on A Shelf,' I had an 'imaginary' elf that was in my classroom every December.  He would leave my kiddos notes and clues but they never saw him.  His name was Benny (every year) times I miss him!  

Then the 'Elf on A Shelf' BOOM imaginary elf would no longer do when there were so many who had actual visible elves at home!
So I caved...but I chose the plush elf instead of the traditional elf.

Each year the elf arrives by our door....
 He comes with 'special elf naming' dice!  In the directions we are to roll the dice 3 times (the dice come in a pair- one is the elf's first name and the other is the last name) and then vote on which name we like the best!
Once a name is decided on, we are to leave him paper so he can practice writing it...and that is how he gets out of the bag!

And then the real fun begins....

He always finds his way into our listening center- and finds some familiar friends to read with!

Each year he gets into my magnetic letters and leaves messages- as well as some treats!

He even likes to get into our math manipulatives and gives us some 'ideas' on how we can use the cubes to make festive creations!
He is a 21st century elf for sure...he even knows how to use a mouse to insert borders and type a letter!!! 
He does get silly...dressing up like a reindeer and attempting to fly! 

And last year...when we had a BAZILLION snow days, he found a way to bring snow into the classroom too..he even brought us bells from Santa's sleigh!

We even add elf fun into math and reading- he shows up EVERYWHERE!

 He leaves us with a special treat each year on his last day with us...reindeer food!

But each year my kids get SUPER sad when it is time to 'say goodbye' to the elf...if there was only a way they could take an elf home with them....


They can make their elf, fill out an adoption certificate and take him home!  AND this also allows for those kids that don't have an elf at home to now have one too!

Run around the house....grab some goodies...have my own boys give it a test run...
You will need the following for each elf:
1 18oz plastic cup (I had red in the house- you can purchase green too!)
Printables (don't worry...that link is coming!!)
Red & Green construction paper cut into 1.5 inch strips
Rick rack (or ribbon) [optional]
Bell [optional]
Glue and tape

I had the boys color the elf printables... 

I cut the pieces out for them...I would suggest if you are having students cut themselves, put a dotted line around the shapes before copying!

So here are the step by step directions on how to make the elf:

1. Cut the paper into 1.5 inch strips

2. Glue the head to the top of an upside down cup (I found glue stick worked MUCH better for this...the white glue didn't 'stick' fast enough and the head was sliding down the cup!) 
 3. For the arms  Put glue in the middle of the strip and then hold it around the cup.  You will need to hold it for about a minute to 'set' and its best to secure it with a piece of tape on the back too.

4. This next part is can trim the arms so that mittens fit on better, or if you don't care that the arm is bigger than the mitten cuff, simply just glue the mitten without cutting! 

5. Accordion fold the legs 
 ...and glue the shoes to the bottom.

You can also do the legs straight

6. Tape the legs to the inside bottom of the upside down cup (the glue stick didn't work so well with this) 

7. If you want to give your elf a belt, measure a piece of rick rack or ribbon to the size of his/her 'waist' 
You can glue on a bell....but I found the bell kept falling off... 

So I would suggest you slide the bell onto the ribbon first

And then you have it...your very own elf!!!

But to make it even more special....have students name their elf and fill out an adoption certificate! 

They can use the naming dice- from the elf's arrival 

Or, as my boys did, come up with a name on their own! 

They fill in their name, the elf's name, date and then you sign it to make it official!

You could even have a special 'elf adoption' party!
Invite parents in, present each child with his/her elf & certificate and then celebrate with some cookies and hot cocoa!

But how is this elf that they created from a cup going to do the 'same job' as an elf that came from the North Pole?
WELL...its is going to need some magic elf dust, of course!
This dust is made with sprinkles- you can also use red & green glitter (some people don't care to use glitter because it could be harmful to animals that eat it).
The dust doesn't PROMISE that the elf is going to move- so it doesn't set parents up to so something they may not want to take on- but it has just enough magic to make it special and wonderful!

So now the elf is made, its adoption certificate is complete, the elf dust is packed and it is ready to be taken home and 'work its magic!'

My 'elves' had so much fun making our elves...and a paper Santa to keep them in check!

and they are already sitting on our mantle!

We hope you have just as much fun making an elf...or more...and here are all the photos, directions and pieces you will need to make them...just download this pack for FREE from my Teachers Pay Teachers store!
Of course, I would love and appreciate feedback after download!

Find out how I used this craft for an Elf Craftivity Party in my kindergarten classroom by clicking here!

And if you want your elf to bring a special treat, come on by my blog to find out how to make these elf hat candies:

So after the last of the turkey is put in the fridge and the pies are nothing but crumbs on the table, it will be time to bring out your yearly tradition and start some elf fun..and if you don't have an elf, now you have no excuse!

I would LOVE to hear about some of the elf fun you have had at home, or in your classroom!  I am always looking for new antics for my elves to try out!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends...and the next time I post it will be Christmas Eve- so enjoy the hustle and bustle and fun family times that December has in store for you!

Until next post,


  1. These are the cutest things this side of the North Pole! Thanks so much for the step-by-step instructions and all of the ideas on how to make these little pixies part of the holiday festivities for little learners! Fabulous post!
    Stories and Songs in Second

  2. Oh thank you so much Jennifer! Have fun adding 'pixie' love to your festive parties!
    Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten

  3. And HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!!!! The adoption certificate is just the topper.


  4. So glad you love it Angela! Enjoy and happy holidays!
    Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten

  5. You always have such CUTE ideas!! Love it all!

  6. THANKS are too kind to leave sweet comments on my posts!
    Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten

  7. Thank you for this! I am doing a second grade leave replacement and this was perfect for this particular group!! They are such hard workers and they truly enjoyed this break from the academics! Your directions were so clear and I put them on the Smart Board. The kids and I really appreciate your hard work! Happy holidays!!