Monday, November 10, 2014

Peace Is...

Hi everyone! It's Elyse from Proud to be Primary and I'm happy to be sharing with you an important lesson all students should learn and be reminded of often. All about peace!
Tomorrow is Remembrance Day in Canada (where I live), as well as Veteran's Day in the US, so I wanted to share some of my classroom peace activities on the blog today. Head over to my blog today to read all about Remembrance Day in Canada and see the poppy art activities we completed.
In November, I like to focus on peace and teaching my students what it is. 
I love Todd Parr books and 'The Peace Book' is a great simple story that clearly illustrates to children what peace is. This is often a hard topic to explain, but this book lends itself nicely to many topics for discussions that children understand and can relate to. 

After the book, we brainstorm everything that peace is to them on a chart. This year, my kiddos had so many great ideas, we filled to full sheets of chart paper with ideas! (I also encourage my kiddos to use descriptive language in their sentences)

Some of my favourite examples were...
Peace is caring for all the animals and creatures of the Earth!
Peace is playing at the beach in the warm sun.
Peace is having a place to live and food to eat.
Peace is donating and giving to others in need.
WOWZERS was I impressed with their BIG ideas!!
Next, I asked them to write a poem of peace with the sentence starter 'Peace is...' They were each encouraged to express what peace meant to them in sentences. I was very pleased that each poem was so unique and really expressed their personalities. 
Here are our poems on our Wow Work board...very deserving of the WOW! 
They did an amazing job!
If you would like a copy of the 'Peace Is' templates head over to my store to download.
Another activity I have done with my class in previous years, is to take our peace ideas and write poems in the shape of a dove. I have them attach pieces of tissue paper in rainbow order to the bottom of the doves and I hang them around the room. 
How do you teach about peace in your classroom?  

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post! 

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