Saturday, November 22, 2014

Let's Get Organized!! Planning Ahead

Hi friends! Kelly here, from Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten. It's the 22nd of the month again, which means that it's my turn to share with you my latest thoughts and ideas! 

This last week I had parent conferences, and I am EXHAUSTED!! The only thought that kept popping into my head throughout the week was this: 

This is the first year of my teaching career that I have a whole week off for Thanksgiving!!! The private school that I used to teach at only had a few days off, so I am loving the fact that I get a whole week off to rest and re-coop. Which brings me to the topic of my post today… 

I love being organized and can never fully "relax" if I don't feel like I am organized! I wanted to leave my classroom for Thanksgiving break feeling like I was somewhat ready to come back in December… 

If you're like me, you love writing things down and making lists of things to do, but sometimes it seems like you end up with a zillion lists and pieces of paper everywhere!! I decided to make myself some planning pages that I could keep near my desk and my plan book that I could take notes on as soon as a thought popped into my head! And thus, my "Let's Get Organized" Pack was born! 
It includes checklists, planning pages, labels and tons of helpful resources! 

I laminated one of the templates that I knew I was going to use every week. I keep it next to my plan book, and write on it with dry erase marker. At the end of the week, all I do is erase it, and start over!

I also decided to re-do some of my labels on my drawers, and clean them out before leaving for Thanksgiving break. I just love having cute labels! 

I like to keep a bin behind my desk of "prepped projects" that are ready to go! I know that if need be, I can pull something out of here and be ready to go at a moment's notice. :) 

Also included in my new pack are pages to list copies that I need, and pages to make to-do lists! The boxes on these pages are the perfect size to put a post-it note onto. These pages can be laminated and re-used each week! Having these pages saves me tons of time! When I am ready to go make copies, I grab everything that is on my list, and I am ready to go! 

I also like being able to plan ahead for upcoming holidays and events at school. Sometimes I just like to jot down a few notes real quick before I officially put it in my plan book. I included planning pages for all major holidays and seasons in my pack too! 

If you're like me, even if you're organized, you probably brought home a few things that you want to work on over Thanksgiving break to help you get ready for the upcoming holiday season! I plan on writing down some notes and ideas for the Winter season, and hopefully putting a few ideas in my plan book too. I have my Winter planning page ready to go!

I would love to help make your life easier this Thanksgiving break by giving you some planning pages of your own for FREE!! Hopefully you can use them to write down a few notes for work, and then go right back to enjoying time with family, friends, and just relaxing!! 
Click on the image below to download your sample. :)

Don't forget, this unit is available on TPT! It comes with over 70 images!! Both printables, and editable images are included. :) This pack will be on sale this weekend too! Happy organizing!!

Happy early Thanksgiving friends!! I wish all of you a wonderful holiday with family and friends. :) 


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  2. LOVE these!! I had parent-teacher conferences last week too, and this gives me hope to start new after Thanksgiving break and get organized again! Great post!

    Miss Peluso's Kindergarten