Sunday, November 30, 2014

Guided Reading & Book Reports

Hey everyone! Cassie here from Mrs. Thomas's Class!

I hope you all are recovering nicely from Thanksgiving! I know I am living in sweat pants and enjoying my new obsession - Sons of Anarchy - WOOO. Anyways.... I am here today to share with you this activity I have put together for my students that started during guided reading! 

I started getting really bored during our guided reading meeting times. I know if I was bored, my kids had to be secretly hating small group. I came up with a plan to ensure that we are meeting or can try and meet multiple comprehension strategies and then be able to tell our friends about them! 
So here is where my lap book report came in! 
So I am going to take you through the folder individually. 
The front: 
Top left is where the students record the title, author, illustrator, and genre. Then they discuss the characters, jot down who they feel are the most repeated, then CIRCLE the MAIN character or characters in red. 
The bottom of the left is the setting, they can discuss together where the main setting WAS and WHEN it took place. These are two concepts I noticed my students struggled with often. 
Then on the right side they make predictions. Some of my students are currently OBSESSED with post-its so they like to use those, others I have made a post it size white square they staple on as we make predictions. 
The bottom portion is generating questions. We pick 1 or 2 each at the beginning, stop in the middle, and at the end we ask questions about the "after" of the story. 

When you open it up:
This is the left side. 

Disclaimer: You may not be able to use all of these with your story, and that's totally fine, I add in more of what they can work on.

So the left starts with compare and contrast. They can choose, a character(s), chapters, settings, or anything they feel they can compare in the story.
The bottom left is cause and effect. Once again they can use large post its or there is a paper that is included to fit perfectly on that square. They can choose from chapters a cause and effect, character behaviors, anything they can think of. If there are multiple that's where the post its and the blank papers come in to play.
The middle is text connections. Have them generate their own individually. 

This is the right side:
Far right top main idea and details. Once they have discovered the main idea of the story they can place that in the circle, then choose 3 main details that help develop the main idea. 
They circle or highlight the author's purpose. 
The bottom right is problem and solution. What was the BIG problem in the story, and what was the solution.
Middle bottom is new vocabulary. They can just jot down the words, then look them up later and record in our guided reading notebooks or they can pick a few and write the definitions. I give them the option.

This is the back of the folder. I want them to draw a picture of a specific time or event that they can visualize and they enjoyed.
The top is where they record the summary. They need to do this in a SWBST format and highlight the beginning, middle, and end with specific colors so that I know and can assess their learning.

So after they get to do all of this, they share with their class after the story. Some students have then proceeded to check out those books because they sounded "so awesome, Mrs. Thomas, I have to have it." type statements ;)

I referred to our guided reading notebooks up at the top. We do this every day. They are where we record our thoughts, and pretty much everything from this lapbook in our notebooks, just not as pretty.
It looks a lot like this from my view: 

I print off several different graphic organizers at 85% and they glue them in and fill them out! It's perfect and they can reflect back before we proceed with reading the next day!!! 

I hope this gives you some ideas!!!
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I hope you all have a great few weeks before the holiday break!!!! Thanks for checking out this post :) 

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