Sunday, November 2, 2014

How to Draw a Tree

Hi Everyone! It's Emily from Emmy Mac's Class. 

I'm posting for the first time and I have to say that I am super nervous! My anxiety level is way up! 

I don't know about you, but my skill as an art teacher has improved greatly since I have found Pinterest! Over the last couple of years I have tried to move away from the "crafty" art and really think about the concepts I'm teaching. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas!

Take a look at the fantastic art my little firsties did this week. I totally copied Elyse from Proud to be Primary's step by step lesson. The kids were so proud of their Franken' Buddies.

Click HERE check out some of my favourite art ideas on Pinterest.

This month I wanted to share with you how I taught my students to draw a silhouette of a tree.

The main part of this lesson was about colour. I was inspired by a giraffe silhouette. Click HERE to see the pin. 

We have been talking about mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. I decided that the students would only have red and yellow to make their sunset. 

They painted 3/4 of the page with yellow and then the other 1/4 with red. 

Then, they painted over the yellow, therefore mixing the paint in the middle and make the orange. 

Since its fall, I wanted them to make a tree in silhouette instead of the giraffe. I find that making trees can be so tricky for firsties. 

The students used a white crayon or pencil crayon on black construction paper and traced their arm and hand. They didn't trace around the tips of their fingers.

Then they drew branches coming off of the fingers. 

The trees turned out amazingly! I was so impressed. 

I hope this idea is useful for you. I'll be back on the 2nd of every month! See you then! Until then you can check out what I'm up to on Emmy Mac's Class.

Check back tomorrow for more great ideas from The Primary Pack


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  2. Thanks for the awesome post and the great ideas. The art is wonderful!

  3. I copied Elyse's lesson too! :) The kids loved it! Beautiful trees!

  4. These tress look awesome, Emily! You definitely have a niche for art!

    One Sharp Bunch

  5. They turned out great!! I am definitely going to try out the trees! Thanks so much for sharing!