Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Veteran's Day with Kennedy's Korner

Hello ~ It's Karen and Kelly blogging from Kennedy's Korner.   We are so happy to be a part of this new collaborative blog here at the Primary Pack.
We are now officially into the month of November and a very important holiday is just around the corner! 

Veterans Day is near and dear to our family.  We have many family members who are serving in the military - state side and overseas.  Our father is also a Veteran who served in the Vietnam War.   So we make sure to teach this very important holiday to our students every year.  We wanted to share with you some of the books and activities we use in our classroom to help teach our kids about Veterans Day!

In my Grade 2 classroom I start the week off with the question - What is Veterans Day?  Some students are well aware of the holiday and why we celebrate it and others have no idea why we are off from school.  I choose a story to read and then I share the Veterans Day Power Point with my class. 

Veterans and soldiers who are currently serving our country need to hear THANK YOU from us!  Taking the time to thank a Veteran is one thing we can do to brighten their day.  Let's teach our students the importance of this. 

Some years when we are able to send care packages to U.S. soldiers, we use the website Operation Care Package.   Some of the items on their "wish list" are listed in this link on their website.   They love getting treats from home!
My cousin's husband who is in the U.S. Army shared with me that these packages are often the highlight of a soldiers month.  When it arrives they know that someone at home CARES and is thinking of them. 
It is a great way to SAY THANK YOU for all of their hard work to serve our country and protect us.

You can pick up this Veterans Day Unit in our TPT store.

As a Thank You to you for following us at the Primary Pack - here is a Veterans Day FREEBIE for you!

This is just a sample of the mini book you will be getting. :)

Thanks for checking out our post on Veterans Day!
  We hope you find the time to Thank a Veteran!
 We will be here at the Primary Pack on the 4th of every month!  Be sure to stop back and keep up with what is going on at Kennedy's Korner blog.  We have some fun FREEBIES just in time for Thanksgiving and the holidays!

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  1. What an awesome post! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic resources, as well as, sharing Operation Care Package. I am going to put a care package together with my family :)