Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Write the Room

Hey y'all! It's Kourtney blogging from Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners! (It's a ghost town over there y'all...just bare with me!)

Seriously cannot believe it's already the end of the first 9 weeks for me! I'd love to say we have established a routine, but I just overhauled my schedule and so we are learning a new routine! The good news is, we have learned how to do everything and I just completed assessments and my kids are SO SMART!

They love, love, LOVE centers! One of their favorites? Write the room! Years ago, when I first started checking out the world of Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest, I had no clue what a Write the Room Center was...but once I introduced it to my students, I have never looked back!

All of my centers have an's Write the Room.  I leave the sheet, the markers, and the clipboards at the center for the students to pick up when they get there. (Check out those glasses in the caddy...I started using those last year! Those are a score from the Target Dollar spot!)

Then I place my picture cards around the room. Sometimes the kids count things too.  I told them they are detectives...sometimes I forget where I put the's always a mystery.:)

Then my sweet children, find the words and record...I mean...y'all these glasses.  I.can't.even.  LOVE!

And there you have it.  Learning made fun!  Want to try write the room next week? Here's a free one for you!

I hope your kids enjoy! AND - RUN don't walk to Target and get some glasses for them to wear while they are hunting for the words...they will love it...and you will smile every time you see them.

Until next month, 

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