Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Frenzy Recap

Hi friends! It's Gina from Teaching With Heart {formerly Miss Peluso's Kindergarten} here to share with you some of my favorite activities that I've done this Fall season. With school starting, Fall is a whirlwind that tends to go by before you even know it! By the end of it, I can never really wrap my head around all of the fun that we had! That's why I decided to share a few of my favorites here for you all in one place so that you can squeeze some more Fall fun in this year, or save these ideas for next!
We started out Fall going strong and studying Johnny Appleseed. Conveniently for us, our field trip to the apple orchard was planned for the same week as Johnny Appleseed's birthday! We took our trip to the orchard where we learned all about how apples and pumpkins grow, and even got to pick our own!
When we came back, we taste tested and voted on our favorite apple color! Surprisingly, yellow won by a landslide!

After we learned about apples and pumpkins from the farm, we learned who Johnny Appleseed was. We even made our very own Johnny Appleseed "pots" to wear on our heads!
The weather stayed warmer much later this year, so it was a while before we noticed the leaves changing color. Once they started, we made our Fall trees. We used q-tips and some red, yellow, and orange paint to make the leaves on our trees! We'll keep the Winter, Spring, and Summer trees blank until the seasons change again!
In math, we began to talk about numbers 1-10. I always find it hard to teach how numbers are all made up of smaller numbers, so we used some apple pie math to figure it out! This real-world connection helped many of my kinders make the connection in their minds.
Keeping with the Fall theme in math, we needed a little more fun in our whole group math time. I VERY quickly cut out this little pumpkin and wrote numbers on it. One student at a time tossed a bean bag onto the pumpkin. Whatever number it landed on was the number that the rest of the class built on their ten frames. Just a little twist made this lesson so much more engaging!
This past week, it was time to break out the REAL pumpkins! We had a blast doing some pumpkin investigating to see if our pumpkins would sink or float, and to discover how many seeds were inside our pumpkins! This week, we will vote on what face we should carve into our pumpkin, and use our 5 senses a bit more to explore!
Finally, with Halloween coming up this week, it's time to bring out some favorites from last year, Greater Gator and Cauldron Trace! A little Halloween spin makes simple math concepts fun to practice!

What are your favorite Fall or Halloween activities? Post some links in the comments section to share with our readers!

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