Sunday, October 18, 2015

Boo It Forward

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

It's Brittany again from Precious Steps Preschool!

I'm here to help you start your week off on a really sweet note, because today I'm blogging about  "Boo It Forward!"

Let me start by saying I'm surely not the first person to come up with this concept and there are likely other variations of my catchy title floating around the interwebs; the more the merrier!  That being said, this past week I got the idea to create a Pay it Forward type movement for my children and I to start doing every Halloween season.  Thus, "Boo It Forward" was born!

I wanted to start this for a number of reasons; first, I don't really embrace the "Spooky Goulish" factor of Halloween.  I've always been a scaredy-cat, I don't like blood and gore, and even normal innocent things and scenarios scare the pants off of me.  For that reason, the only thing that really gets me excited about Halloween is knowing that as soon as it's over I can decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But because I have five young daughters who are always very pumped for Halloween, I wanted to do something to embrace the season.  So here it is!

You can download this Boo It Forward product FREE in my TPT Store.

The product contains four different pages and styles of Halloween themed printable gift tags and a "Boo It Forward" letter explaining the gesture.  You can then put together a little Halloween treat for someone deserving or in need and surprise them with it.  The hope is that they will be inspired to do something simple for someone else and "Boo It Forward" throughout the entire month of October!

The gift tags were intentionally left blank so that you can write a handwritten message, which I think always means a bit more, especially if it's going to someone you appreciate like a school worker, etc.

Along with your little treat, include a copy of the above "Boo It Forward" letter.  The little poem written by moi will explain the gesture and inspire others to continue the movement.

The treats can be anything at all that you can think of.  Go as big or as little as you like.  I chose to do these $1 pumpkin buckets filled with candy and chocolate pictured below.

I did four buckets, one for each of my girls in elementary school.  Tomorrow before school they will each take a bucket and decide who they would like to gift with a little surprise treat!  We usually cover the teachers during the class Halloween parties, so I'll encourage them to choose someone who does things for them but that wouldn't be expecting any recognition -- like a cafeteria worker, their school bus driver, or perhaps the school nurse!

I hope you have some fun as a family and start a Boo It Forward tradition in your house as well.  Get the product here and be sure to share it with your friends!

Catch you next month right here on the 18th!  Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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