Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Pinterest 'Make and Take!'

Fall is in full force and there are so many things to do!
Hi all!

This is my 1 year 'Blog-iversary' Post on The Primary Pack!
I can't believe I've been a 'Packer' for an entire year already!

I am here today for a

Raise your hand up HIGH if you L-O-V-E Pinterest...and more importantly if this is you:

There are so many wonderful things to find on Pinterest- for home, school. recipes, crafts, gifts- it's so easy to get roped in!

If you follow my Facebook page, you know that since August I have been trying to post a pin a day (some days 2 because I find so many to share) to help my followers find great ideas since I know our 'time to browse' is limited!

So how do I find the time to find all of these pins?
During my morning exercise!
Yes!  That's right!
I take my iPhone with me while I go on the elliptical and 'browse' my time away finding and pinning great ideas!

It's quite the win-win... 
*'time flies when you're having fun' (I LOVE Pinterest, so my time on the elliptical goes so much faster!)
*I am working my core! (it took some time and practice but now I can go up to 85 rotations per minute without holding on!)
*I fill my boards with pins (ideas) I want to revisit and/or share so that I can go back in and schedule my posts to share.

So I was thinking...there have to be so many other WONDERFUL Fall ideas out there to share!
At the end of this post there is a linky for you to add a pin you found that you have tried, love and/or want to try!  This will give everyone a spread of wonderful ideas all in one place!

To start the 'party' I'd like to share a few pins I found and tried:

Fall Candle Holder:

Here is how mine came out:
I found the jars at Michaels, the leaves at Dollar Tree and the twine at Target Dollar Spot!

Here they are all 'modge-podged': 

And completed, on my table, all a-glow: 

This was a delicious pin:

My sons and I went apple picking and then got to work:

And when it was all done we packed them up and gave it as 'Happy Fall' gifts to teachers and daycare!   It was SO good...and we loved it spread on toast for breakfast!

Cute Columbus Day Craft:

We modified it a bit, but it still came out great:

A Cute Halloween Treat:

I teach this poem EVERY year, so when I saw it I knew it was something I wanted to give my students!
I did change it a bit and copied the topper on orange (instead of white) to make it look more festive!

I found these pumpkins (and the snack size bags) at Dollar Tree (thanks to a tip from fellow packer Laura!)

Each bag of pumpkins gives you enough to complete 7 '5 Little Pumpkins' bags.
I lined them up, sealed the bag...

and stapled the topper I had downloaded via the pin to the top!
Now they are all ready to hand out as treats 
(and I even bought enough to make for my boys to each hand out too!)

And not all pins go as what happened with this pin:

It looked so simple using contact paper, but the contact paper 'failed' and I wound up having to glue each piece to the apple forms!
They kids had contact paper sticking to their fingers and there was tissue paper flying everywhere!
The end result looked wonderful, but I will be sticking to the wax paper method I know works every time!

And then some pins inspire ideas!
For example, I found this pin
but we have only learned 13 letters so far and I have 13/20 ENL learners this year so I have to make sure my activities and centers do not confuse them.

So I made this:
which you can read about and download for FREE on my blog!

I know all too well how easy it is to get lost in Pinterest!  
Here are just a few of the pins I recently found that I have scheduled to post on my Facebook page:

So are your ready to participate in this Pinterest Fall Themed 'Make and Take'?!
Super easy!
Fnd a pin you love or have made- add it to this linky!
See a pin you love or want to do- 'take' it from the linky!

Links can be added up until the last day of Fall (12/20/15) but you can access the pins from the linky at any time!

I 'started the party' with a few links I have found and know you will love!

Wishing you a fall full of Pinterest inspired fun!
'Chat' again on 11/24!


  1. Thanks so much for such a great linky! So many great ideas all in one place!

  2. The apple window craft is so cute! I remember doing tissue paper crafts when I was a kid and absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing!