Thursday, April 30, 2015

End of Year Gifts

Cassie here from Mrs. Thomas's Class
Wow. These last few weeks have been INSANE - to say the least. I don't know about you, but my teacher brain is counting down Mondays. We have 5 left! How many do you have?! 

I am a third grade ELAR teacher only. Our students rotate between me and my partner Stephanie who teaches Math and Science. After teaching kinder last year, I have realized my end of the year gifts are going to be a tad different. I only had 20 students last year, and this year I have 33 between both classes.

In deciding with my partner what we were going to do - we did another reading survey just last week. Here is an example of a students: 

If you notice the questions. The second to last is the biggest thing the both of us were looking at. This child has ZERO books at home. Talk about breaking my heart. I have sent home countless book orders too, and even given books for Christmas. We teach in a very low socioeconomic district, about 15 of our papers looked like this. With zero books at home. 

We have had some generous friends and family donate some money for us, but we are also going to spend about 100 of each of our money on books for these kids.

Scholastic May orders have a few $1 books right now. My plan is to order 17 of each of these and they get to choose two! OR you could order the $25 set and let the students pick whichever one they want! 

Then with our donations we are generously donating to the students ad their families books from Amazon, and the Scholastic Warehouse for the summer. We wouldn't have even thought some of the students who said they didn't have any, didn't. Eye opening. 

Check out here if a warehouse sale is coming soon to you!!! I know where I live it's coming from May 7-May 23!

I know this post isn't learning materials, but maybe it will inspire you, similar to the #IWishMyTeacherKnew post, to see what children's lives are really like behind closed doors. Also, to find out what materials they DON'T have at home.
PS Sorry my pictures are blurry - iPhone 6plus problems - going to get fixed this weekend!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I just spent about an hour going through the Scholastic site doing something similar. I want my students to have opportunities similar to yours. I used some bonus points and the free $10 with the month's order to pick up some goodies to meet the interests of my kiddos (especially those with limited resources at home and access to the library).

    Happy shopping!

    A Very Curious Class