Friday, April 24, 2015

Special Ladies Deserve 'Dime-On' Necklaces and the Royal Treatment!

Hi Everyone!  It's Jenn from Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten!
Today I am bringing you a simple, yet adorable, Mother's Day gift your students can make for the special lady in their lives...and for some Moms, it just might be their first 'dime-on' necklace!
But even if they are lucky enough to already own a 'diamond' necklace, I am sure this one will be one they will treasure in a way only a Mom's heart can hold!

I have been making these for years and each year they bring 'oohhhs' and 'ahhhs.'  My method has changed a few times- I started with tinted salt dough, then painted salt dough and now I use Crayola Model Magic and it is by far the easiest, cleanest and fastest way!

Last year I blogged with some step-by-step directions and pictures.  Here are some pictures from that post made into collage form so that you can easily pin it to your craft, school, project or gift boards!
If you are planning any type of Mother's Day event, I'd be honored if you took a look at what happens in my classroom each year! can find ALL the directions, pictures and the gift poem in this FREE download in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

Here are pictures of the salt dough method (recipe included in the download):

Here is my new (and preferred way!) to make the necklaces:

We started making necklaces for this year's moms!
They are sitting and drying now (it takes about 3 days to be fully cured, although you can paint after 1 day if you are crunched for time!):

Once dry, it is time to make them original!
We use regular tempera paint to paint them...
and then 'seal' them with Model Magic Glaze in Gloss (it can be found in the same aisle as the Model Magic- I didn't even use 1/2 of the first bottle to seal all the necklaces last year).

It made them incredibly shiny and even caused a 'crackle' effect on one of them last year!

I write the kids names on the back, with the year, and then seal that too.

So how do we get these necklaces to Mom?
At our Mother's Day Tea!
This is my favorite event of the year!
I don't enlist any help from parents or class moms- I make this a day just for them!

Invitations go about about 2 weeks in advance (I just sent mine home this Tuesday)- Moms, Grandmas and Aunts are invited- either along with Mom or as her substitute!  (I have even had Dads and older siblings join!)

When they walk in they find our room transformed into a Tea Party:

Each mom has a reserved spot!

Our Tea and Treats table is overflowing!  I personally make all the cake pops and brownies (pre children I also made all the I leave that to the grocery store bakery!) 

The moms also find a slide show on our EnoBoard.  It is set to really gushy music that brings tears to their eyes, and has a sweet picture and message from each child!

The background for our 'stage' is our 'Guess The Mom' portraits!  The students draw pictures of their moms and then give clues so they can figure out who is who.  Under the clues is the reveal.  These always bring a chuckle! 
You can find the frame, writing activity and a foldable reader in this pack: 
(It is currently 50% off!)

We then put on a 'show' for about 10 minutes.  They sing songs and recite a few poems and then it is time to present mom with her gift (if a mom isn't there, they present to the substitute OR they can present it to me and then bring it home later).

I call a mom up one by one.  Their child presents them with the necklace, puts it on them and then gives a hug and a kiss.  There are few dry eyes at this point!

Once they have their gift, they head back to their seats where they find the lapbook their child made for them.  Last year was my first year making these and they were SUCH a big hit!

The kids sit with mom and read through the lapbook.   The kids are called over to the treats and tea table at this time and are to serve mom with some tea and treats!

The back of the lapbook has this adorable hand project/poem!

If you are interested in making a Mother's Day lapbook with your class you can find all you need in this download: 

Even if you are not planning on a Mother's Day event, you can still have the students wrap their necklaces (maybe decorate a white lunch bag) to 'present' to mom at home!

Wishing all the 'moms'- in whatever form you may be- a wonderful Mother's Day!
And no matter what piece of jewelry you wear this year, remember...

Until next post,

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