Saturday, April 25, 2015

GoNoodle with Whole Brain Teaching

Hello my excited teachers!! If you are like me I know you're excited for the summer countdown to begin. Although, this month will be tough because it is full of STRESS! The kids start to get crazy excited for the end of the year and then BAM chaos everywhere!!!

Anways, I wanted to share with you how I am using GoNoodle and Whole Brain Teaching to keep my kids ON-POINT until the end of the year!! I'm sure most of you have heard of or even use GoNoodle but if not click HERE ... it will change your life!

My class loves or maybe I could go as far as to say.... they are OBSESSED with GoNoodle. It really is the perfect way to start and end our day with several brain breaks in between. I decided to put on a quick mini-training for my schools professional development and was blown away by the amount of people who showed up! I showed everyone the intro video and then shared the handout below.

Of course I had the staff get up and participate in some Pop See Ko!! It was hilarious and every teacher had a smile on their face. This just shows how important FUN is in the classroom and in our lives!

Speaking of training's, I recently went to our districts 3 hour training on Whole Brain Teaching. I have been implementing a few of these strategies in my room already. Mostly I watched YouTube videos and went and tried it out. However, this training opened my eyes to so much MORE! If you want more information on this fabulous program you can go to the WBT website, search & watch a million YouTube videos or even check out this post from Gina!!

For starters... I kind of stopped using the scoreboard a couple years ago. I'm not sure how it happen but they do say if you don't use it within three days you forget it. The good news is I have started to use it again and I am so happy I did. My class loves the "competition" and it's so cute to hear them say "Oh Yeah" or "Aww Man"! There are a ton of amazing score boards out there and I fully intend to download, print and laminate....eventually. For now the whiteboard is working just fine! 

The best part of this scoreboard is my twist to it!! Every morning we have started to make a goal of how many points we want to get that day. This has helped my class with that annoying habit of always predicting 100 for everything! Then I found this adorable GoNoodle inspired ten frame from Little Warriors. She used the ten frame to count out how many more points her champs needed but I'm using mine for incentive!!

Basically each day the class wins on the scoreboard, they earn an end of the day brain break. In addition to the every day award I use the ten fame as a long term goal. Every day my class "beats" me on the they get a GoNoodle champ for the ten frame and then we fill out the number sentence. Once the ten frame is full we have a GONOODLE CELEBRATION a.k.a. 15 to 20 minutes of GoNoodle...FREE and I don't have to remember anything for the party!!!

I have seen amazing structure, engagement and focus from each one of my students and I am so proud, I will be using both of these resources for many years to come!!

Now in the words of my our yoga instructor, Maximo... Adios!


  1. I teach second grade and I am surprised by how many of my students don't really impressed by Go Noodle. They will all pretty much do a Maximo video but about half the class sits down for Pop See Ko. It just surprises me after all the glowing reviews I read on blogs about how much their kids love it?? I think it's a great site, but apparently some of my students don't lol.

  2. I'm a HUGE Go Noodle fan and love sharing it with teachers! That Ten Frame is a great idea for the younger friends. I'm also excited to see that you used my brain break tickets!