Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Fun for Your Classroom!

Hi everyone! Kelly and Kim here from Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations. We are beyond thrilled to be part of the amazing group of educators at The Primary Pack and we are so glad to have you as our readers!

What is your favorite season? Do you like cooler weather, football, pumpkins, and all the colorful leaves? If so, it is the perfect time of the year for you!

We wanted to share some of the exciting things we are doing in our classrooms to engage our students while learning about fall. 
One of the books we like to read is The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall.
This book follows the life cycle of an apple tree through the four seasons. After reading, children make an apple tree that represents each season. Each tree starts as a bare tree cut out of brown construction paper and then glued onto blue construction paper. Children then add details to each tree using different art materials to show what an apple tree looks like during the different seasons. This is a lot of fun for the children!!

Spring Tree
We use tissue paper for the leaves and the apple blossoms. 

Summer Tree 
We use green paint for the leaves of the tree, which the children apply through sponge painting. Later the children will use a red bingo dabber to add apples to the tree. 

Fall Tree
For this tree we use different colors of construction paper for the leaves and children glue on in any way they want.  

The Final Products
After the trees are completed, the children label each tree. Some children simply write the name of the season and others will write sentences describing the tree. The fall tree says; 

In the story, we learn that the tree grows the best part of an apple pie: the apples!!! So of course we like to eat different kinds of apples and graph which is our favorite and then we get to eat apple pie!!

Cooperative Group Activity
In kindergarten we are always working in cooperative groups. The children are working together to sort pictures that are associated with the four seasons. They are to work together by discussing the activity that is pictured and what season they believe it fits in the best.

Literacy Centers
Alphabet Apples
The children love to match the lower case letters to the capital letters in this fun and engaging apple themed center. 

Another alphabet matching activity the children adore!

Using various illustrations of scarecrows, children read sentences and then match them to the correct picture. Here is a picture of a scarecrow before, during, and after several variations of sentence matching. The children love this center because they're learning to read these predictable sentences by themselves at this point in the school exciting! (Hopefully some of you were able to grab this for FREE last weekend with The Primary Pack launch giveaways!)

 The children in our classroom have become pros at interactive books after just finishing our colors theme. We have added a new predictable text book to introduce a few new high-frequency words while discussing the fall season. We hope your children enjoy it also!

 When you hear from us next, it will be into chilly November!
See you then!


  1. I love the seasons of the apple tree craft, Kelly and Kim! We do this too, but the bingo dobber for the apples is such a great tip! Thank you!

    One Sharp Bunch

  2. Kelly and Kim- I love the activities!! So many great ideas. Thank you!
    Differentiation Station Creations