Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Organizing technology in your Classroom in just 3 easy steps {FREEBIE}

Are you lucky enough to have technology in your classroom?  If you are, you know how tricky it can be to keep it all organized, right?

I needed a place to store our chrome books and iPads on a budget so I bought these letter trays and spray painted them.  Just place them in front of an outlet and pull the chords in from the back of the tray.  A little tip: Teach your students how to use this organizational tool, how you expect devices to be outback, and your overall expectations.

So now that you've found a home for your devices, it's time to organize your actual devices.  In our class, we have five computers.  Students are assigned to different computers to keep things organized.  Plus, a few of our computers headsets get plugged into the back instead of the back and I was tired of kids coming to me every day asking where to plug in their headphones.  Assign them a computer and they'll know how to use it!  So, I solved this problem by creating numbered screensavers for up to eight devices.

You can use them for your devices too! They're photos so all you have to do is save it to your camera roll and set as wallpaper.  Easy!

Could you use these screensavers in your class?  Just snag it below!


  1. Yes!! I love the idea for saving numbers as wallpaper rather than the old fashioned way of posting paper numbers! Thanks so much!! :)