Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wreath Making for $10

Wreath Making With Mrs. Labrasciano

Hi everyone! It's Amy from Learning Lessons With Mrs. Labrasciano. I was recently invited to a friend's house for a wreath making lesson.  My friend Courtney is very talented.  Every room in her house looks like it is from a magazine.  If you don't believe me, check out her front door at the bottom of this post.  When Courtney told me we could make wreaths for around $10 I was a tiny bit skeptical.  Boy was I wrong!  Wreath making works perfect for the teacher's budget.  You can make them for gifts, yourself or your  classroom.
Deco Ribbon and Burlap Ribbon

You can find everything you need for a basic wreath in the floral department of Walmart.  Extra fancy materials will need to come from a craft store.  Make sure to bring your coupons.  The fancier wreaths will be closer to $15.

Materials Needed:
Deco Ribbon ($3) and/or Burlap ($3) (a total of 2 spools for a 24" wreath)
24" wreath frame ($2.50)
pipe cleaners(take from your classroom)
Misc. Decorations ($1)

Wire 24" Wreath

 The first thing that you need to know is that there is no right or wrong when making wreaths.  You can take the wreath apart and start over if you don't like it so take risks and don't be nervous.
 Cut small pieces of pipe cleaners to attach the ribbon and burlap with.  Start by attaching your ribbon or burlap.
 Bunch your burlap/ribbon and attach to another wire.  I go back and forth for my wreaths.  Some people like to stay on the same wire to create a more uniform look.  Look through this post to decide which one you like.
 For the wreath pictured at the top of this post I used the entire spool of burlap and went around twice.
 Try to fluff the burlap or ribbon so that it covers as much of the pipe cleaners as possible.
 Now you are ready for your second color.  I only used a small portion of the deco ribbon.  That leaves almost a whole spool for another wreath.
 Don't mind me in my pjs. We craft whenever time allows.
 Try to attach the deco ribbon inside of the burlap to cover the pipe cleaners. 
 Once you are done, fluff the ribbon to your liking.

 The final pipe cleaners can be covered by decorations.  If you don't want to use decorations you can cover the pipe cleaners with tulle or another fabric.   Hot glue the decorations on.

The following wreaths came from the wreath making party that I was at.  You will see a combination of ribbon, tulle and other materials used in wreaths.
 The wreath below was created by attaching the deco ribbon to the same wire throughout.

 The wreath below only cost about $8 to make.  You can get deco tulle from Walmart for about $1.50.  The ribbon is hot glued in.

The wreaths with the fuller look are made with large sheets of deco ribbon.  This deco ribbon makes two  wreaths.

A huge thank you goes to Courtney for inviting me into her beautiful home and introducing me to wreath making.  


  1. Wow! That is so much easier and cheaper than I thought! I need a wreath ASAP!! Thanks for sharing!

    Loving Teaching Inspiring

    1. Thanks Kristen! You better make it to our next craft party:)
      xoxo, Amy