Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Handprint Calendar Presents - For School or Home!

Hello there again friends!  It's Abbey from A Teacher Mom, here again to bring you some ideas from a  first grade!  I will admit, I thought long and hard about this post.  It is an incredibly busy time of the year and we are doing so much at home and at school - I just wasn't sure what the best thing to blog about would be.  

I ended up deciding to share a product that I DID NOT make.  Instead, I am sharing one that I purchased.  I work in a community where many to most kids do not celebrate Christmas.  I use a Holidays Around the World unit, so everyone can feel included, but the more typical presents for families (ornaments, elves, etc) are off limits :(.  

Each year, I have students make their families a "New Year" gift.  I have never LOVED what we have made, but I they were cute.

This year, I was shopping on TPT (shocker I know) on Veteran's Day and I came across this pack from Mel D.  

She's AMAZING!  And this pack does not disappoint.  There are so many options.  She gives directions for a different handprint for each month (including 2 for December).  She has calendar pages with numbers, no numbers, boys, girls.  

I knew this project would be a BIG one for us to take on, but I made a plan and stuck with it and they will be done on Wednesday 12/17- That's early!!

Each day I would make one handprint.  This allowed me to print the calendar page in color and copy the handprint page each day instead of all at once.  It also helped me with the art teacher since I kept borrowing her paint - I didn't take it all at once!

Here are some pics of the handprints:












December #1

December #2:

And one all decorated and bound...
(coming soon...hopefully 12/17 before noon!!)

Here is hoping the moms and dads of 1B will LOVE our presents for them.  This is one New Year's gift that I plan to make again next year!

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