Friday, December 26, 2014

Teachers, You Should Be Out Shopping Today!

You may be thinking, "Who is this crazy teacher chick who thinks I should be shopping today?! Christmas was only yesterday!" I know I'm crazy. I'm fairly certain I've mentioned it in previous posts on here and at my own blog. However, I can back up this craziness with some valuable evidence on why you should be shopping today.

Seriously... Only keep reading if you like to save money. Because that's what I am here to do... Save ya'll some money, honey.

Here's the deal. Next December, you will be stressed. You will need to think (in random order) about your family, presents, decorations, holiday concerts, Polar Express Day, Christmas dinner, pie, Grinch Day, presents, wrapping paper, Christmas trees, your Elf on the Shelf, your sanity. The list goes on and I know you know that it goes on.

Here's what I like to do... I like to think about next year's Christmas today. At least, student-wise. Most stores have all Christmas stuff for 50% off today. If you are super crazy like me, you'll probably revisit these stores numerous times through the rest of your winter break and buy some more because the discount keeps going up. However, I like to go today to get all the goods before everyone else gets the same idea as me and takes all of the best stuff. 

Here are some things that I've gotten in the past:

Elf On The Shelf- He was not discounted 50% off. However, he was 20% off at Barnes and Noble and I figured that was a pretty good deal.
 Wrapping paper- Don't mind the chicken and such in the background. Just a typical kitchen picture at the Missing Tooth Grins Headquarters. Anyway, I wrapped all my students' gifts in my discounted wrapping paper from the previous year. This year, I gave them all Scholastic books that I picked up with my points.
 Coloring Books- I picked these little books up at Target. They were with all the stocking stuffer stuff back in the Christmas section. They were originally a pack of four for $1. The day after Christmas though, they were 50 cents. I bought 6 packs and left them as "morning work" one day during the last week before break and you would've thought I left the kids gold. They flipped for these tiny little books! Books that I paid like 12 cents a piece for. You really can't beat that.
Crafts- These were originally just a buck! Got them half off! These are perfect for Polar Express Day or the last day before break.

Target Dollar Spot- The glory of the ever-so-popular dollar spot is that everything is just $1. Well, unless you fancy the $3 items in the dollar spot. You have to be tricky with those. Many times, I've picked up $3 items thinking they were just $1 items. Sad day. Anyway, after Christmas... They get discounted! Think of all the Christmas pencils, socks, erasers, tiny pails, etc. that you can get for even cheaper!

Christmas Tattoos- Originally $4 for a box, but of course picked them up for $2 a box! Or maybe less... For some reason, I feel like these were a later purchase :)

Parent Gifts- For the past four years, I've always bought the student gifts at Target the year before. I buy the Christmas craft kits that kids can easily put together with some adult assistance. Plus, kids put their school picture inside (I buy the ones where there's room for a picture). Unfortunately, I don't have a picture (boo on me), but they always turn out adorable. They're normally $5 for a box of 20, but you can get them for $2.50 the day after. Here's an example of what I buy:

You can find these here.

I also picked up our Christmas tree ornaments and star for half off last year too.
I know that some of these savings may not seem like a lot, but when you add up how much you spend on Christmas for your students, it can really add up! Why not take the stress off and save some money while you're at it while you can?

Plus, if you're anything like me... You'll forget that you did this wonderful thing of planning ahead. I store my goodies with my Christmas stuff at home. So, on the day after Thanksgiving when we are decorating, I pull out all these wonderful goodies and get so excited to remember that I am stocked up with Christmas goodies for my students. Truly, a wonderful thing!

I'll be out shopping today, but I will be blogging at my blog later to share with you the deals that I've found today! Feel free to stop by at Missing Tooth Grins to check out my deals :)

Leave a comment to let me know some deals you've found as well! I would love to hear about it and maybe go on the hunt for the same deal as well :)


  1. Love this tip, Alisha! I was running around like a chicken without a head this year trying to get everything that I needed at the best price. I am definitely going shopping today!!

    Thanks, girlfriend!
    Miss Peluso's Kindergarten

  2. Best advice ever, thank you! :)
    Just got back from Michaels even though we're on a ski vacation, lol.

  3. Great post! I'll definitely be taking your advice. It would be nice to have student gifts already taken care of next year! Happy New Year and happy bargain-hunting!
    Laughter and Consistency