Monday, February 23, 2015

Rhyming Fun

Rhyming is such an important phonological awareness skill.  We practice it every day in preschool with silly songs, interactive fingerplays, and fun poems.  With Dr. Seuss's birthday coming up, I wanted to share two of the special ways that we like to practice rhyming!
Rhyming Show & Tell is one of our favorite favorite days of the year.  I send home a brown paper lunch sack with this poem attached.
The students take the bag home and find 2 small rhyming objects.  They get soooo excited to bring the bag back to school the next day!  During Show & Tell time, each student takes a turn in the sharing chair.  The child pulls 1 object out of the bag and the rest of the class tries to guess what the other thing is.  They love this game!

Another way that we practice is with rhyming folder games.
Folder games are the perfect way to provide quick and easy skills practice.  We use them as "morning work" each day.  When the students arrive, they unpack and then spend about 5 minutes working on a folder.  The rhyming folders are some of their favorites!

If you'd like to use folder games as a way to practice rhyming with your kiddos, please download this FREE activity: "A Tisket - A Tasket... which egg goes in the basket?"

Have a wonderful week with your students!


  1. Thanks for the show and tell idea! We are having a "cold day" today. I'm sending out a message to bring in 2 rhyming items for show and tell tomorrow as a little assignment today. Have a great week!

    A Very Curious Class

    1. I hope it was a hit! Thanks for the comment!