Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Student Teacher Goodbye Gift

Hi Primary Pack friends!

Alisha from Missing Tooth Grins here today! I was blessed this year and was assigned a student teacher. Miss Keegan has been great and my students truly love her. Unfortunately, it's time for her to leave us! Friday is her last day and I truly wish Miss Keegan all the best as she goes into the fabulous world of teaching. I hope she learned a lot from my students and myself!

I wanted to share with you her farewell gift. I wanted to share it all with you just in case you're trying to think of some things to pick up for your student teacher, if you have one! It's nothing too fancy, but I know that she will like it! I went to Target (the best place on Earth!) and picked up a black tub to hold on these goodies in. I picked up all the best school supplies and put it in the basket. 

Supplies includes:

flair pens
neon sharpies
flip chart markers
dry erase markers
picture books (not pictured)

I also picked up a binder and included all the sweet letters from my students.

Each student wrote a sweet little letter to her and drew a picture on the back for her. I put each letter in a page protector in the binder so that it will be a keepsake forever. This last picture I find absolutely adorable. I mean seriously, how sweet is that?

I also included this poem in the very front:

You can pick up a template of this poem by clicking the picture below:


I apologize, but this is a total tease of a post! If you want more ideas, you'll have to check out my blog sometime this weekend! I have more up my sleeve, but won't be able to share it all until after Friday :) Here's to hoping my student teacher doesn't read this blog too! For more, check out my blog!



  1. Love these ideas! I am putting together a gift for my departing student teacher. I a going to use some of your ideas, plus I ordered her a cute teacher t-shirt I found online. Thank you!!