Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sneezy the Snowman "Puffy" Craftivity

Hey Friends! It's Kristen again from Loving Teaching Inspiring and I'm so excited to share this adorable craftivity with all of you!
Check them out...aren't they adorable?!?! Is it bothering anyone else that one of them is crooked?? AGHHH! It's killing me! I must admit painting with 5 year olds can be very extremely scary. However, I have learned that as long as you give specific directions and go step by step it turns out just fine.
We started this activity by reading the story Sneezy the Snowman. If you don't have this book yet, it is a must! It's all about a snowman who tries different things to get warm. The problem is he just melts. The kids LOVE it!! 
Next up we brainstormed several things that would melt a snowman and made a class list. From that class list each student got a copy of the sentence stem below and filled in their idea. 
Grab your copy here
Once all the sentences were finished the fun began. Every table was given scraps of paper to cut out their own hat, eyes, buttons, arms and nose. Allowing the students to cut out their own pieces makes each snowman unique!
Before the painting can begin you will need to mix shaving cream and glue. You will only need 1 can of shaving cream mixed with about 3 bottles of glue. 
I gave every table one paper plate full of the mixture and instructed them to make sure they have "globs" of paint. If they smooth it out too much it won't dry puffy.
A little trick for this mixture is to teach your kiddos to scoop some onto the paintbrush but then twirl their brush. It can be a little stringy and create quite the mess transferring from the plate to their paper. We learned this the hard way. YIKES!

Although the mess was SO worth it... check out these samples!
My snowman melted because the volcano exploded.
My snowman melted because he sat in the hot tub.

The snowman melted because he was by the fire.
My snowman melted because the fire sword.
Don't forget to grab your copy over at my blog Loving Teaching Inspiring! Happy Painting!!!


  1. Kristen these are so cute! I have done the shaving cream/glue 'painting' but LOVE the idea of it being a snowman who has melted! THANKS for the great idea!
    Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten

  2. This is ADORABLE! As soon as we were finished reading 'Sneezy the Snowman', the kids wanted me to read it again! It's one of the best snowman books that we have read! I love this activity to follow! What a great idea and I cannot wait to try it out! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Does the first one say, 'because the volcano exploded?' Love it! :) I just wrote about Sneezy, too. I made a book study to go with it. It's my first attempt at a book study, so it's free for now.

    Not very fancy-Sneezy the Snowman

  4. What paper did you use? Card stock? Regular paper? Construction Paper?

  5. These are the best ever! I can't wait to read the book with my kids and get to dreaming about our melted snowmen. Of course, here in SC we can't seem to get below 50 degrees on the thermometer!

  6. This activity was a huge hit with my kindergarteners! Thank you for the idea!

  7. Love this idea! Thinking about using it for our holiday read aloud day. Do you remember about how long it took to dry?

  8. Did you give each table a mixture of one can of shaving cream/3 bottles of glue OR did you divide the mixture between the tables?

  9. Went to redownload the sheet to print but it doesn't lead to the sheet anymore.

  10. Tried to re-download the sheet for this year but the link no longer brings you there. Is there anyway to get the sheet again?

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  12. Wow, Very useful and helpful to kids to learn more. Kids are so talented in many ways.

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  13. I am so excited to do this activity in the coming weeks. Can you give me an idea of how many bottles of glue and shaving cream you would need for about 20 students?

  14. I couldn't get the link to print the snowman page? Love that I found you!

  15. Hello! I was wondering if you created the "Check out my work" tags that are holding up your melted snowmen pictures. If not, would you mind sharing where you found them? Thanks!