Friday, November 20, 2015

Let's Make Butter! {Class Activity & FREEBIE}

Hi friends! It's Gina from Teaching With Heart (formerly Miss Peluso's Kindergarten) here today with a fun and SIMPLE Thanksgiving-ish recipe! Grab yourself some corn bread because it's time to make BUTTER!
We have a blast making our very own butter in our class each November! Here's the low down on how to make it happen with your kiddos:
Pour about a half inch of heavy cream into small container. SEAL TIGHTLY! (This is why I recommended getting containers with twistable lids. I could not find any last year, so I just bought small tupperware, and made sure the top was sealed on with lots of packing tape. You don't want the cap to fly off and have heavy cream all over the place!
Let your kids SHAKE and keep SHAKING the container! It will take about 5-7  minutes for the butter to form. I like to put on some fun music during this. I set a timer, and each person at the table gets to shake for a few minutes. Allow students to switch hands because they will get tired!
All of a sudden, they will no longer hear the marble as they shake. That's a sign that butter has formed! When you open the container, you will still see some liquid. Just drain the excess cream and scoop the butter out (leave the marble!). 
You and your kids will be all set to enjoy some homemade butter with your corn bread! What a nice treat to end the day before Thanksgiving break! {It really is delicious!}
If you're working on procedural writing, here's a simple recording sheet to help your students document the steps of making butter! Click here to grab it for FREE!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. The fonts and words are different and do not line up when you click on the Butter document...

  2. I used to love doing this as a kid in school! Thanks for the recipe and follow up activity!