Friday, November 6, 2015

Directed Drawing: Charlie Brown in 9 Steps!

Tonight my son Garyn and I are going on a Mommy-Son Trip to the movies, to see the opening of Peanuts!  Never in my life would I ever have thought I would be taking my 8 year-old son to a movie with characters I fell in love with many years ago!  So this post is a tribute to Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang!

I know, I know... You can't draw.  That's what's ringing in through your mind right now.  But, I will break it down so YES you can!  So go grab a pencil and paper and I'll wait here...

Ok, let's get started!  I'm going to describe the directions exactly how I would for my students to give you an idea of how you might teach your own kids to draw Charlie!

1.  First draw the head.  The head is an oval.  Then draw two "C" shapes for the ears.  Notice that the right ear is a backwards "C" shape!

2.  Next, let's draw the nose.  Notice two things... The shape of the nose is another letter "C".  Secondly, notice that the nose starts slightly ABOVE the ears.  Now you try.  Then draw two small dots on both sides of the nose.  Look where my dots are and do the same on your paper.

3.  Now lets draw two eyebrows over the eyes.  Notice that they are the shapes of small frowns.  After you draw those, we need to draw Charlie's hair.  His hair is like a curly-q or pig's tail!  Look at mine and now you try.

4.  The next step is to draw Charlie's smile.  Notice that his smile curls up on both ends.  It's almost the entire width of his head.  Look at mine carefully and you try to draw it on your paper.

5.  Now we'll draw two parallel lines straight down for his neck.  Then notice his collar.  It kind of looks like two mountains joined together.  You try on your paper.

6.  The next step is to finish drawing the bottom of his collar.  These are smile shapes.  Then draw two lines down from his collar, that are slightly curved.

7.  Let's draw Charlie's sleeve and arm.  His sleeve is an "L" shape.  Then draw a line straight down to make his arm.  Connect the bottom of his shirt with a straight line.

8.  His other arm is very similar.  Draw a straight line down that is close to his body.  Then draw a horizontal line across to make his sleeve/arm.

9.  One last step!  We have to draw Charlie's famous zig-zag on his shirt.  Look carefully at mine and try to make it on your paper.

Ok, blog readers!  How did you do?  Did you draw Charlie Brown perfectly or what?  See, I told you I could teach you how to draw!  The last step with your kids would be to color Charlie...

As a bonus, I created these writing printables you can use to follow up with the directed drawing activity!  Just click the pictures below to download them!

Thanks for drawing with me today friends!

I'd love to know if this will be useful for you in your classroom in the comments below!
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  2. Love this Cara!! Peanuts are awesome characters! My students will love drawing this. Me too!
    Thanks so much for this.

  3. You're so welcome Purple Palmetto! I'm so glad you like it... Please send us some of your students' drawings so we can post them if you wish! Thanks for reading friend, Cara;)

  4. You made this so simple to do - even I could do it! :) Thanks for the post!

  5. We invited our students’ parents to a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast. The first activity we did together was to draw Charlie Brown. The students loved having their parents do a drawing with them. They turned out so cute! Thank you!