Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Visual Plans on Powerpoint

Hey everyone!! Cassie here from Mrs. Thomas's Class

Today I want to share with you my weekly plans and how easy it is for me to go in and change things I'm doing if for some reason we got behind/or ahead in my classes - then I'll include a freebie for you :) 

A lot of my teacher friends on social media have been creating their own visual lesson plans and I LOVE it. I first was inspired for the idea by Jessica over at Teacher Talk. 
Then I found that Mrs. Wills Kindergarten also gives a tutorial on how to make visual lesson plans! 

This is SUCH a fantastic tool. I love writing down what I am doing, but I find myself not able to keep up with how pretty everyone makes their lesson plans in a book. 

Last week I was out for 2 days in the hospital getting fluids for baby - all is okay - but that put us real far behind in two days. I had to go back in and alter my plans that I have prepared so far. 
The best part about visual/editable plans in Powerpoint is that you can preplan for as far as you want. I currently am planned up until Christmas break since I will be gone for 8 weeks on maternity leave. 

For the younger grades you can just add in the picture of what resource you are using from TPT too. Makes it so simple!! 

If your school won't purchase - creating one in powerpoint is the best alternative (in my opinion.)

Here is a peek at my first few weeks. 

Our lesson frame is what our "I can" statements are now. We pulled from The Fundamental Five - which is a fantastic professional development teaching tool. 

Click the picture to order! 

So here is a peek in my first month of 4th grade writing! 

So here is a blank copy you can add into Powerpoint and work with!
Click and it will take you to Google Drive

Any questions?! Email me at and I would love to help you create plans on Powerpoint!!

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