Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall Leaves Lesson for Pre-K

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The first day of fall may still be five days away, but I'm totally feeling in the spirit of the season lately.  I've been enjoying my almost daily Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I have my potted Mums and Asters lining the border to my front porch, and my yard is starting to fill up with leaves, leaves, and more leaves!  Which is exactly what inspired today's post, and the newest product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
 My girls love playing outside in nature. Making a simple leaf collage is a classic and a favorite!
And who doesn't love leaf rubbings? Just place leaves, bark, or hay underneath a piece of paper and color over top. It's so simple yet so satisfying to see those leaves come through!
This Fall Leaf Unit for Pre-K includes all the best Pre-K activities and is built around a Fall/Leaves theme.  It includes Morning Work, a Ten Frame Game, Letter Matching Activities, Leaf Graphing Worksheets that warrant a fun fall scavenger hunt, Sight Word Practice, Math Centers, and more!
My preschoolers have always LOVED cut & paste worksheets!  The colorful leaves really draws in their attention and the beginning of the school year is a great time to practice with scissors.  Aniston even asked if she could have an extra worksheet to cut out ALL of the leaves for her to use as Bingo markers.  Love the imagination of these kids!

We also love any excuse we can find to get outside, which is what made this Graphing Leaves worksheet so much fun to complete!  The kids got to run around collecting as many leaves as they could in five minutes or so, and then we took them back inside and graphed them by coloring in blocks on their leaf graphing chart.  Then, we used this corresponding Graphing Leaves worksheet to total how many of each color leaf was found, what color we found the most of, and what their favorite color was -- both individually and totaled up as a group.
A nice way to settle down after all the outside excitement would be to have the students work on this Morning Work assignment while you get ready for the next transition or activity.  The students will gain practice writing their names, drawing a tree, coloring inside the lines using realistic colors, tracing the word 'Fall' to practice spelling and letter spacing, pointing to and counting leaves, and doing a freehand drawing of their very own leaf!
Right now you can get these worksheets and more as a FREE  sample pack of the full 50-page product that will be posted in my TpT store next week to celebrate the first day of fall!

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