Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Teacher Planner & Calendar

Hi guys! It's Elyse from Proud to be Primary.
Are you finished school or coming to the end of a long school year?
Are you already thinking about all of the projects you want to do over the summer holiday?
Look no further! 
I have the perfect thing for you to get yourself and your summer organized!

Today, I am introducing a brand new and FREE teacher planner and calendar set. Simply download, print, and fill in all of your important daily, weekly, and monthly goals, activities, and plans for the summer. Don't forget anything with these simple, elegant, and functional printable sheets for summer.

But promise me one thing before you start filling in your to-do lists...
Take time to RELAX, SLEEP, have "ME TIME," and have FUN!!


There are 3 components to this summer planner.

Summer Teacher Planner
 I love this because you can use it if you are a teacher, blogger, or TpTer. The categories work for anyone. 
READ: What books do you plan on reading for enjoyment? Is there a new teaching resource or manual you want to read in preparation for a new school year?
WRITE: Do you have a journal? Do you write poetry? What blog posts must you write this summer?
CREATE: Do you have a DIY project or 2 you would like to tackle this summer? Do you have a few products you would like to create for your store?
PLAN: Do you have a family bbq or birthday to plan? Maybe you want to plan your new reading program for the new school year? Is there a new product type you need to research before creating?
TRIPS: Are you going on any family/solo trips? Any day trips with friends? What activities for fun are you fitting into your summer?
OTHER: What other things are on your list of to-do's?
NOTES: Jot down anything important!

Weekly Teacher Calendar
Print one of these out for each week of the summer. Set some goals and make some plans for each week. (If you are like me --->) Don't forget to schedule your downtime!

Monthly Teacher Calendar
Print out the months you want to plan. Use this to include those most important daily events, appointments, and activities!

Download your FREE Summer Teacher Calendar & Planner NOW!

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Have a great summer! 
Remember to relax, take time for YOU, and enjoy your time off.
You deserve it!

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