Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Summ"(er) Creative Reading!

Hi All!
I am going to apologize in advance for this 'short and sweet' post... 
I am still read that right!   
Our last day is Friday June 26th (2 MORE DAYS) and this teacher is VERY ready for summer!

Since most of you are already enjoying your summer vacation, I tried to think of a summer fun activity that not only feeds the brain....but fosters some creative juices too!

It was actually my last Scholastic Book Club order that helped inspire this post!

I ordered a Peter Reynolds pack.  It included:

which all have to do with drawing, painting, colors and being creative!

If you have not read any of these books I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!
They are GREAT as mentor texts and I used The Dot this year when I started Writers Workshop since in kindergarten our first 'stories' are told through pictures.

It came with a box of glow in the dark sidewalk chalk which I have on my shelf just WAITING for summer to begin so my boys and I can head outside and create some glowing fun!

But it also reminded me of 2 summers ago when we made homemade sidewalk paint!

It was EASY to make and SO MUCH fun and the boys had a blast:
(look at how little they were!!!)

We are fortunate to live on a dead end street off a cul-de-sac so we get NO TRAFFIC!
My little one is literally sitting in the middle of the road!

I used foam craft brushes that we had, but wide bristle brushes work great too.
You will need a fat brush- the little 'watercolor' brushes don't work at all.
And plan on NEVER using that brush for anything other than sidewalk painting again because it gets filled with sand and pretty abused!

We even practiced color mixing to make new colors...and he was only 2!!

So how do you make it?
Here is the simple recipe we used and I printed it on a 'recipe card' for you to pin for future reference:

In lieu of paint you can also use food coloring, but the coloring does stain, so I opted for the paint!

So now how can we make this a productive summer learning opportunity?
Read the books to, or have your child read, the books and mark them off on your summer reading log (either for your school or library- our library lets us use the school one to count for theirs as well, so be sure to check if you can 'double dip' too!)

Then talk about colors, creating, looking 'outside the box,' etc!
Whip up a batch of sidewalk paint and get creating!

No sidewalk or street to paint on?
NO worries!
Black construction paper works well too!!

I can't wait to do this with the boys again this summer (last summer we tried out a bunch of other fun outdoor creative activities and never go to this!)

AND since I won't post again until July 24th and many of you will be getting ready to head back to school, be sure to check out:
Simply click the link and then click on your state- it will show the participating bowling alleys in your state.  If one is close to you, your child is entitled to 2 FREE games of bowling DAILY!!

Hate to type and run but summer and these 2 cuties are waiting for me to
We are so fortunate to have this as our 'backyard!!'
(and see how much bigger they are now- just 2 years later!!)

Hope to meet many of you in Vegas in 12 (to 15) days!
I will be flying in on Monday to attend the SDE 'I Teach K' conference Tuesday and Wednesday and then the TpT Conference on Thursday and Friday!

Wish me luck as I close out the 2014-2015 school year!
Until next post,

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