Sunday, January 4, 2015

Setting GOALS in the NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year! 

It is Karen and Kelly from Kennedy's Korner. 


You can find us here on the 4th of every month. 

We are excited to start the year off with some GOAL setting ideas and FREEBIES for you. 

WE are even more excited about starting the year off with our BRAND NEW blog design ~ in the hope that we will be blogging more and making your life easier.

We all start off the year with good intentions.  Most of us make resolutions that last a few weeks - sometimes a month or two.... but then life gets in the way and we find ourselves falling into our old habits.


So most people I have talked to who are successful in  life – personally and professionally - have GOALS they set for themselves.  We as educators know this.  But in our profession, it seems that we often get off track – well at least I do.  So one of my goals this year is to stay focused on my GOALS for the new year.  

A very successful friend of mine once told me
"Plan your work.  Work your plan!"
That is  not his quote - but he lives by that quote and he has a timeline and plan for accomplishing goals both personally and professionally.
SO I set my goals for the new year and in order for m to have some accountability - I am posting them here. 
It is important to share your goals with SOMEONE. 
Write them down.  Blog about it.  Keep a Journal. 
Tell someone that you are working toward this goal - whatever it may be.  YOU will find that it will help you to stay on track.    So here are mine -

Here is something I find helpful when I am trying to lose weight.  Hope this is useful to you as well - if that is also one of your goals for the New Year!

   Click here for your own  FOOD DIARY for January 2015

Here is a sample of what my FOOD DIARY looks like.  The more honest you are with it - the better your results.  :)  

I also use this to help me keep track of my exercise for the week.  It makes me more accountable when I have to record it.
If you would find this useful - grab it here!

 Here is a sample of what  mine looked like this past fall. 

WE will be updating these charts and giving you more great recipes and workout ideas throughout the year... so be sure to stop by our blog for some more FREE tools to help you reach your goals. 

 Now for some GOAL Setting FREEBIES for you to use in your classroom.  We hope these help you get 2015 off to a great start with your students! 
Click here for New Years Freebie!  

There are 6 versions to choose from.

You might also like the GOAL Setting for
Reading and Writing Workshop to help your students focus on specific goals for each month.  My kids love this and they get excited to reflect on the month to see if they reached the goals they set at the beginning of the month. 
Happy New Year Everyone!
Good luck with the GOALS you set for yourself ~ stop back and check in to let us know how you are doing!! 


  1. Love your new blog design, ladies! I just updated your button in our sidebar! Thank you for the food diary and exercise freebies! I especially love the water glasses!

    1. Thank you Ashley ~ I am working on a whole series for people to use to help them stay on track and lead a healthier life. SO the food diary and exercise logs are just the beginning!! :)