Monday, February 8, 2016

Swimming to 100!

The 100th day of school is such a fun time! I love to watch all their faces as they move from 99 to 100. It seems that, with that extra zero, they have entered a new world. There are so many fabulous 100th day ideas out there, but my kids wanted to make up their own! Here is a fishy set of ideas that you can pull out any time of the year to get your kids collaborating and counting by 10's...
We have a little pond in our backyard and my kids are head over heels for the goldfish, so we made up a little song about 100 little fish. My daughter is still working on learning all her color words, so I threw in the colors. You can get your free copy here. In case you don't know the tune of "Found A Peanut", my kids and I decided to record a copy of our song! You can hear us screeching loud and clear over on my blog!
I think that it would be a lot of fun to do an activity with the fish in the classroom. Break your kids into 10 groups. Each group will get a strip of 10 fish, 1 pond, and they will be assigned one color.
Each group will be responsible for coloring their 10 fish. 
Kids can color the fish with crayons, markers, or even bingo dabbers.

It can be used to count by 10's to 100. The ponds can be laid loose around the room, or glue them to a mural.
I've included numerals 10-100 in the pack. After all of the ponds have been created, the groups can help counting by 10's until they have counted all the fish. The kids in each group can place or glue the numerals next each pond.

I've included 2 extension worksheets that you can use after the group activity. Kids can count, color and trace 
 OR count, color and record the numerals.
 We had a lot of fun counting up a rainbow of fishies! We counted up 100 goldfish crackers, too!!
 Hopefully, you have a wonderful 100th day of school with lots of learning and tons of fun!  And don't forget to go enter The Primary Pack Giveaway that is running from  February 7-14th. 

You can also head over to the link up with TONS of February resources. 
There are freebies and a bunch of must-have fun!

Until next time,


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