Saturday, March 26, 2016

Shine the Spotlight on Star Students!

Hello Friends!

It's Jennifer from Stories and Songs in Second here!  I'm dropping in during my spring break to share some ideas about how to keep your students on track, sparkling, shining, and putting forth good effort as they head into the end-of-the year homestretch.

I know that my crew in Room #2 currently needs SOMETHING to "hocus pocus keep them more focused during our last days together, so I came up with some ideas and fun materials to help make that happen!

Shine the spotlight on star students with ideas, materials, and activities that reward effort and positive behavior choices.

My plan is to spotlight one deserving student each day, and shower special privileges and fun supplies upon them!  I was inspired by this VIP STUDENT post from Rachel over at The Tattooed Teacher, but felt that I needed to individualize and simplify it a bit.

I have to admit that fourth quarter is often a long and arduous one for me--full of data-collection, assessments, meetings, etc.  It is a time when the paperwork piles sometimes outweigh the smiles I share with my little people.  I am making a vow that when I return to school on April 4th, I am going to remember this quote.  I read or heard it somewhere, but unfortunately have no idea who to attribute it to.  It speaks volumes to me about what my priority as an educator should be ......

I plan to infuse our final nine weeks as a classroom family with a sense of excitement and renewed enthusiasm, and hope that giving each student one special day to shine in the spotlight as our 
will do just that!  

Each day's STAR STUDENT will enjoy the following......

*Alternative seating in a bean bag, scoop rocker, or camp chair instead of sitting at a desk during work time...

*A special sign for their chosen seat and 
designated, decorated area...

*A special "brag tag" to wear all day and then 
keep as a souvenir...

*A basket of fancy-schmancy supplies to use 
like Mr. Sketch markers, Twistable crayons, 
and Post-It notes... 

* A variety of special privileges, responsibilities, and rewards that the class has brainstormed together like having
a front row seat at story time, leading the line,  or eating lunch 
with the teacher...

*A special poem that the entire class chants for them
and follows up with a standing ovation or a 
"round of applause"...

*A special  certificate signed by the teacher...

*A special writing project to help them reflect on 
their favorite part(s) of being the 

*Publishing their writing in a class Memory Book
to be kept in a binder and shared with next year's students...

Two wonderful mentor texts to share before you implement your STAR STUDENT activities are
Stand Tall, Mollie Lou Melon and Have Fun, Mollie Lou Melon

These heartwarming and humorous picture books, written by Patty Lovell and illustrated by 
David Catrow, share the importance of believing in yourself, embracing your own uniqueness,
and "letting your light shine."

The best way to end each STAR STUDENT's day is with a modified version of Queen's 
"We Will Rock You" anthem!  Honor every child with a.....

  Stomp! Stomp! Clap!
Stomp! Stomp! Clap!
You are!
You are!
Stomp! Stomp! Clap!
Stomp! Stomp! Clap!

...and send them home with a smile!

And don't forget to let the STAR STUDENT choose his or her favorite Go Noodle brain breaks to enjoy between lessons or when bad weather dictates indoor recess!  

If you'd like to shine the spotlight on your students before the school year ends, you can grab all of the printables, posters, and brag tags featured in this post {HERE}!

As always, thanks for stopping by to share my story!  

Continue to hold a song in your heart and teach your children well!

Be sure to follow my Pinterest boards to find more great ideas for your classroom!

Printables, brag tags, posters, and activities to use as student incentives and reward for positive behavior.


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